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Download this project to learn how to make the graph.


We made this graph based on the popular Youtube video "How to Tell If We're Beating COVID-19" and we will update this daily. This graph displays daily new cases versus cumulative case count on a log-log scale. During the initial phase of the spread of COVID-19, all countries follow the same trajectory. Countries that took appropriate steps to curb the spread of the virus are then able to stop the cumulative cases from growing.

USA data is from The COVID Tracking Project:
Data for other countries are from Wikipedia:

Download the project file and you will see each exact source by mousing-over each data connector icon. All data are directly connected to the Web using Data Connectors.

The graph will be updated daily, so you can bookmark this page and revisit to see updated numbers. See more COVID-19 graphs, updated daily, on our Blog.

NOTE: Originlab acknowledges that COVID-19 data is inconclusive due to inconsistencies in testing and reporting methods. No conclusions should be drawn from this graph; it is simply an example of how one can visualize a dataset using OriginPro.

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