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Radial Plot

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This is a Casing Integrity Pressure Test (-15) for the Texas Railroad Commission. This plot is required for approval to operate wells older than 15 years old. The graph is a time versus pressure plot, showing that no pressure changes occurred during the test. Test pressure could not deviate by more than 25 psi to be acceptable. Axis are: X = time (minutes) and Y = Pressure in PSI. This is a common plot type in Oil & Gas industry. This data can be shown in XY format as well, but most of these types of tests are plotted on circular chart recorders so common practice is to use a radial plot.

To know how to plot this graph, please download the above project file (in the Zip file). There is a Note window to show the detail steps for plotting this graph.

This graph and data were from Jess Ford, Weatherford International

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