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TimeLine for Financial Crisis

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This graph displays the timeline for Financial Crisis, as well as the SP500 and Fed Funds Rates between 2007 and 2014 (Full Resolution Image). As we’ll see, there are two linked time axes, but they have different X increment while sharing the same range. Timeline label, which is combined by dates and events, is connected to the middle axes by leader line.

The graph consists of 3 layers. The first two layers contained a simple double-Y graph plot the Fed Funds Rate on the left Y axis and SP500 on the right. The third layer contained a middle time axes linked to the bottom axes by Custom linking. Here we also use a custom LabTalk function to connect and format the string for labels.

The timeline events were created by using scatter plots, and the symbols were located at the specific date on middle axes. The data labels was linked to the corresponding scatter point by Vertical and Step-Vert leader lines, and the Step-Vert bent position was controlled by a parameter introduced in Origin 2015 SR1.

Blog: To see how this graph was created, read more on this blog post.

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