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Piper Diagram

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Download this project to learn how to make the graph.

Description: Piper Diagrams contain 3 linked layers with normalized data. The cations and anions are represented in separate ternary plots. The sides of the cation ternary plot on the bottom left are calcium, magnesium and sodium plus potassium. The sides of the anion ternary plot on the bottom right are sulfate, chloride and carbonate plus hydrogen carbonate. The two ternary plots are then projected onto a diamond in the center. The diamond is a matrix transformation of a graph of the anions and cations.

To create a Piper diagram in Origin, select worksheet datasets containing your component ions and and click Plot: Specialized: Piper. When the plotpiper dialog box opens, select your sample id and total dissolved solids data.

Tutorial: To see how this graph was created, view an online tutorial.

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