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Perform Redlich-Kister polynomial fit.

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  • Purpose
    This tool provides the convenience to perform Redlich-Kister polynomial fit easily.

  • Installation
    Download the file Redlich-Kister Polynomial Fit.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.

  • Operation
    With a worksheet with XY data selected, click the app icon from the Apps gallery window. Then a dialog will pop up, with auto filled Input XY Data using the selected XY data in worksheet. Change the settings in dialog accordingly, then click OK button.

  • Dialog Settings

    • Input XY Data: Set the XY data for Redlich-Kister polynomial fit. If XY data is selected in active worksheet before opening the dialog, the selected XY data will be filled automatically. You can also click the two buttons to the right of the text input box to select XY data.

    • Equation Y = : This is hint for displaying the form of the fitting function.

    • Number of R-K Terms (n): Specify the number of Redlich-Kister terms (T in the equation) for the fitting function, that is the value of n in the equation.

    • Include Constant (a): Check this to include the constant term for fitting, that is a in the equation.

    • Include Linear Term (b): Check this to include the linear term (b*X in equation) for fitting.

    • Report Table: Specify the worksheet for report.

    • Fitted Data: Specify the worksheet for the fitted data.

    • OK and Cancel Buttons: Click OK button to perform the Redlich-Kister polynomial fit, and output the results and close dialog, and click Cancel button to close the dialog only.


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