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Help to do bulk operations in the current project

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The purpose of this App is to allow you to do bulk operations in the current project including hiding columns, renaming columns, extract data, etc.


  1. Select multiple columns in the current project
  2. Do bulk operation on selected columns

Dialog Options

  • Select Column in: Specify in which range select desired columns
  • Mode: Specify the mode to select desired columns.
  • Column Label / Operation: Specify the label row and the operations for the condition.
  • String: Enter a conditional string in the edit box that will be used to extract columns. The string can be constructed using wildcards "*" (any string of arbitrary length) and "?" (any single character).
  • N / M / Start: Specify the starting column and enter the value to select N columns and skip M columns after the starting column.
  • Test-Select if True: Click this button to test the condition. If matching columns are found, the count is displayed and the corresponding columns will be highlighted.
  • Hide Columns: Hide the selected columns in the current project.
  • Delete Columns: Delete the selected columns in the current project.
  • Rename Columns: Rename the label row of the selected columns in the current project.
  • Add Formula to Columns: Add formula to column function label row. Click the Search Function button to open the Search and Insert Function dialog.
  • Extract to New Sheet/Book: Extract the select columns to a new sheet or new book.


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