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Export multiple worksheets into multiple ASCII files.

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  • Purpose
    This tool can be used to export data from multiple worksheets as multiple ASCII files. Note that the ASCII export is limited to data-only worksheets.
  • Installation
    Download the file Export Multiple Worksheets.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.
  • Operation
    With the data worksheet active, click the app icon from the Apps gallery window. Then a dialog will pops up for the settings of exporting. Change the settings in dialog accordingly, then click OK button.
  • Dialog Setings
    • Input Worksheet(s): Specify the worksheet(s) for exporting. The active worksheet is selected by default. And you can click the triangle button to select other worksheet(s) from the context menu, including Active Worksheet Only, All In Active Workbook, All In Active Folder, All In Active Folder (recursive), and All In Project. And you can also Reset it, or click Select Worksheets... to open the Sheet Browser dialog to select worksheet(s) to export.
    • Base Directory: Specify where to save the exported ASCII files, including options <User Files Folder> for User Files Folder, <Project Folder> for project folder, <Project Folder><PE Path> for project folder with the path of Project Explorer. And it also allows to select a folder by clicking the ... button.
    • File Name(s): Specify file name(s) for exported files. If Auto, the short name of worksheet is used, and if there are duplicated names, names will be enumerated. And the # syntax is available for exporting multiple worksheets using number enumerated replacement. If each file has a specified name, the number of names has to match the number of input worksheets.
    • Other Settings: Please refer to the related options in expASC X-Function.


v1.2, 8/30/2023, Fix issue of not open Sheet Browser dialog
v1.1, 12/3/2021, Support for adding subfolder for base directory when it is UFF or Project folder

Reviews and Comments:


Is it possible for 2021 version?

Thanks in advance..


11/29/2021OriginLabHi jacorem,

Thanks for your suggestions. We will improve this app based on them.


11/24/2021jacoremThis is a suggestion/feature request (I know that this is not the optimal channel to request it, but the corresponding link is broken).

I would like to export all the worksheets of a project as ASCII data using the same settings, possibly keeping the as root folder and the structure, but adding something in between (i.e. /exported data/).
Graph export tool already allows this kind of settings, but when I tried to do the same in this app it automatically revert back before my changes.
Any possibility to have it?