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Ricardo Arpad Perez Camargo
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Follow the crystallization kinetics using the Avrami and Lauritzen and Hoffman Theory. Just feed the App with your experimental data and some theoretical parameters, and then the App will do the rest.

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Purpose: This App lets you fit your experimental data with the Avrami and, Lauritzen and Hoffman Theory.

Basic Usage:

For Avrami theory:

  1. With your Heat Flow vs. time data (isothermal curve) taken at a specific crystallization temperature, launch the App.
  2. Select the Avrami option, and feed the App with the mass of your sample, and density (in case you want a particular correction)
  3. Select the fitting range (there is a recommended fit range)
  4. See your results, τ0, Avrami Index (n), K values, τ50% theoretical and experimental, and R2.

 For Lauritzen and Hoffman theory

  1. With your 1/τ50% vs. Tc data or Spherulitic growth rate (G) vs. Tc data, launch the App.
  2. Select the LH option, and how do you obtain the data: DSC vs. PLOM.
  3. Feed the App with your U* (generally taken as 1500 cal/mol), Tα=Tg-30, and Tm°.
  4. Select how many regimes do you have and which ones.
  5. Select your a0, b0, Crystalline density, and ΔHm°.
  6. See your results; you have obtained all the relevant energetic parameters, Kg, σ, σe, and q.


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