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Explore video and related measurement data.

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This App was developed by OriginLab in collaboration with Gabriel Delgado Garcia from the Institute of Sport and Health, Faculty of Sport, University of Granada, Spain.

  • Purpose
    This app can be used to explore a video and related measurement data.
    Features include:
    • Play a video.
    • Import measurement data related to the video and set sampling rate.
    • Display 2d data plot of the measurement data.
    • Synchronize the video and data by adjusting for difference in time.
    • Explore the video and plotted data.
    • Add events with user defined names and build a table of events with time stamps and data values.
    • Save video and data at any particular time step as an image.
  • Installation
    Download the file "Video Data Explorer.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.
  • Operation
    1. Click the app icon from Apps gallery window to start the app.
    2. Load the desired video.
    3. Load or import the video's corresponding measurement data.
    4. You can position frame from the video, or move the vertical line on plot.
    5. Save current frame as image.
    6. Rescale the data plot.
    7. Manage (Add/Change/Remove) event for current frame.
    8. Synchronize the time between video and measurement data.
  • Dialog Settings
    • Video File: The video file to play.
    • Y Column(s): The data corresponding to the video for making plot. You can select from existing worksheet, or import from a text file. When the selected/imported data has only one column, a dialog will pop up asking for setting sampling interval.
    • Video Showing Panel:
      • Play Progress Bar: Can be dragged to locate the desired frame.
      • <<, >>, Play, Save Current Frame: Fast forward/backward by the specified frames. Play the video. And Save the current frame as image.
    • Data Plot Panel:
      • Red Vertical Line: Move this line left or right to position the video frame to the corresponding data point.
      • Plot Entire Data: If checked, show the entire plot data, if not, show the data point from start to where the red vertical line is.
      • Add Symbol: If checked, the data plot is line+symbol, otherwise, only line plot.
      • Rescale: Rescale the data plot.
    • Event: Input the event text for the current frame.
    • Event Combo Box: List the added event texts. If select one option, the corresponding event text will put to the Event text box, so to make it easy to add the save event for different frames.
    • Add/Change: If no event added for the current frame yet, add event for it. If the current frame already has event, change the event using the new one.
    • Remove: Remove event from the current frame. If no event for current event, do nothing.
    • Manage...: Open Event Operation dialog for managing events.
    • Event Operation Dialog:
      • Frame No.: Show the frame number of the current frame.
      • X Value/Time: The corresponding x value/time for the current frame.
      • Event: You can type event text here.
      • Add/Change Event: Click this button to add/change the event for the current frame.
      • Added Events
        • Frame No.: List all the frames which have events added.
        • X Value/Time: List all x values/times for the frames which have events added.
        • Event: Event text of the selected frame.
        • New Event: Enter new event text for the selected frame.
        • Copy Event: Click this button to copy the event text of the selected frame to the Event input box of the current frame.
        • Remove Event: Remove the selected frame's event.
        • Change Event: Change the selected frame's event using New Event.
    • Synchronize: If the measurement data's X is time format, this button can be used to synchronize the time between video and data. When clicking this button, a blue vertical line (may show as green at first because overlapping with the red vertical line) will show on the data plot. Then move this line left or right to make the right data point for the current frame, and then click this button again to finish synchronization.
    • Output Events: Output event info for current video and data.
    • Close: Close dialog and output the events if there is any added.


v1.5: Add warning message for changing event to empty
v1.4: Fixed bug of not working issue in OriginPro 2022
v 1.3: Fixed bug of crashing when dragging progress bar while video is playing
v 1.2: Fixed bug of selecting data column error
v 1.1: Added time stamp in graph for cursor position

Reviews and Comments:
04/11/2022OriginLabHello k1606005,
We have sent you an email from our ticket system, asking if you can share a screen shot, or your video and data files,

04/11/2022k1606005Would it be possible to add the graph and video in one layer (overlay on top of each other), eg. in composite tensile analysis, force vs displacement curve overlayed (50% transperency) on top of a captured video of similar specimen.

10/26/2019GabrivoleaFantastic App. I have been finding for something similar for a long time. This is the most easy software I have find to syncronize data with a video. Thanks!