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Stas Yakushkin
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Data from modern Bruker spectrometers are stored in the BES3T format, in two separate files, a data file with extension DTA and a description file with extension DSC. It may be a real pain trying to convert multiple spectra to .txt once and when transfer them to Origin. So I made this simple File Import function and Filter.

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It can be somewhat tricky to Import data stored in two files simultaneously as it is with the Bruker BES3T format. This format stores in the DTA file only the data corresponding to the Y-axis of the spectra, while X-axis (magnetic field etc.) should be simulated using parameters from DSC file, located next to the DTA one. This saves space on your hard drive; however it can be very annoying to convert obtained spectra to conventional ASCII one by one using Bruker software.

On the other hand Origin has some very sophisticated instruments to deal with data converting and files import. This particular filter was developed to create an easy way to import Bruker spectra directly into Origin.

The ZIP archive contains two files. To install the Import filter on your system you have to prepare the following:

Origin app installed,
at least one pair of DTA|DSC files, located together
openDTA.CPP file from ZIP archive.

Open your Origin, go to File->Import-> Import Wizard (Ctrl+3).
Select Data type – User Defined
Data Source - File (Browse to the DTA file, try not to select DSC one as it do not contain needed information)
Skip Import Filter
Select None, as Origin suggests

On the next page Browse to the openDTA16.cpp file. I suggest storing it in the safe location - Origin User Folder etc.
And specify the OriginC function name in the next field — Read_EPR.

On the next page Check the box Save filter to save your efforts. You may also specify the Filter description and the Filter file name.
Sadly my version of Origin (9.3) has some critical bug with User defined files import, which causes import manager to create new sheet for every file imported. That can be avoided; however user has no power over the new layer (Sheet2) which is created during the import. I suggest running simple LabTalk script after the importing procedure. To specify this script check the Specify advanced filter options box

On the last page type: 'layer -d Sheet2' in the corresponding text area. This is a simple command to delete the extra layer created.

Now finish and try to Import your files. Remember to select .DTA only files. You may try multiple files import and Drag-n-Drop.

Feel free to modify this function and send me any questions you have.


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