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Import 3D Biomechanics Data in C3D Format.

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This App imports 3D Biomechanics Data in C3D Format.


Download the Import C3D.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


You can simply drag and drop the C3D files onto Origin. The analog data will be stacked.
You can also import C3D data as following:

  1. Click on the app icon to select the C3D files to be imported.
  2. Check the Analog Data Stacked if you want them to be stacked.
  3. Click on the OK button to import the selected file(s).

    A new workbook will be created for each C3D file. There will be multiple worksheets, including Header Information, Events, Analog Data, Point Data, and worksheets for parameter groups.

The animation on this page was created by Antoine Couturier (INSEP). You can find the corresponding project file (c3d.opju) by right-clicking on the app icon and selecting Show Samples Folder. Follow the description in the notes of that project. Then you can see the animation in Graph1.


Reviews and Comments:
07/12/2022noissegood job !

01/30/2019GabrivoleaSolved! I have upgraded to Origin 2019. I will try this tool

01/30/2019GabrivoleaIt seem fantastic but I can not open the app. It says that I need package 9.5 SR5 and have package b9.5.1.195

06/07/2018couturierExcellent App. It's great to import c3d files directly into Origin. Drag and drop works flawlessly :-)