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Mask or change the data covered by rectangle, ellipse or free hand drawn shape in contour plot.

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This app can be used to mask or change data within a region of interest (ROI) in a contour plot.
The ROI can be rectangle, ellipse or free hand drawn shape.

Download the file "Mask or Change Data in Contour.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.

Click a contour graph to make it active, and then click the app icon to bring up the dialog. The shape to cover the data can be rectangle, ellipse or drawing a free hand shape.
You can mask the covered data or change the data to a specific value or missing value.

Dialog Settings:
1. Graph Layer: Show the name of graph layer of the contour plot.
2. Data From: Show what type of data the contour plot is made from, including Matrix Object, XYZ, or Virtual Matrix.
3. Shape: Shape of the object to cover the data, including Rectangle, Ellipse and Free Hand.
     If Free Hand is selected, need to click the "Click to draw" button to draw a free hand shape on the contour plot.
4. Data Options: Options include Specific Value, Mask, and Average. If the contour is plotted from Matrix Object, Mask is not available.
5. Specific Value: If Data Options is Specific Value, this is used to specify a value to replace the covered data, or use missing value.
6. Search Radius: If Data Options is Average, this is used to specify a search radius to get data for calculating the average, and the search center is the center of the shape.
    If "Data Under Shape" is checked, the data covered by the shape is used to calculate the average.
7. Apply, Undo, Close: Apply button is to make the settings to work on the data. Undo is to recover the last change. Close is to close the dialog.


v1.2: Fix bug for contour from whole worksheet with tailing empty rows
v1.1: Fix uninstallation issue

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