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Import one or more files into cloned copies of the active Project Explorer folder.

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The purpose of this App is to create a "template" Project Explorer folder containing a "prototype" work book or matrix book with imported data. Then, new data can be imported into "cloned" copies of the template folder.

That is, if you want to import 10 data files, the template folder will be cloned 10 times, once for each data file.

Note: The template folder may contain other windows or analyses as long as all the items are self-contained in the template folder.

It is similar to Batch Processing but with entire Project Explorer folders.


  • The App expects that the data to be imported inot the "prototype" work book/ matrix book be from a single file import. Multiple file import into the same work book or matrix book is not supported!
  • If the import is Excel, multiple sheets in one file are supported as long as all sheets are imported into the same work book.
  • The App uses settings from the last file imported for the prototype work book or matrix book.
  • All files to be imported should have the same structure (e.g. number of columns). While the App may be able to handle different number of columns, there may be unforeseen issues with anything that relies on columns that may not be present in all files.
  • The template folder must be a subfolder in the current project- the root project folder cannot be used.
  • The prototype work book or matrix book in the template folder must be active for the App to launch.
  • Windows or analyses in the template folder cannot be dependent on items outside of the template folder- it must all be self-contained.
  • If you want to base the importing on a matrix embedded into worksheet, the matrix must be activated by clicking on it in the worksheet prior to launching the app.
  • About Profile Plots- Prior to the upcoming Origin 2018b (due in Spring 2018), Profile Plots cloned from the template folder will not be properly linked to the cloned ProfileData book!! This is an internal Origin issue that this app cannot overcome. It will be fixed in Origin 2018b.
  • You can save the template folder only for future use. See Hints and Tips below.


Sample Project
This App contains a sample project with instructions. Right-click on the App icon in Apps Gallery and select "Show Sample Folder". Then drag and drop Sample.opj into Origin.


How to Use

  1. Create a subfolder in Project Explorer. This will be the "template" folder.
  2. Import one of the supported import types (see below) into a "prototype" work book or matrix book in the template folder.
  3. Add more windows or analyses to the template folder based on the imported data.
  4. Activate the prototype work book or matrix book mentioned above.
  5. Launch App from Apps Gallery.
  6. In the App dialog:
  • The correct "Data Sheet" will probably be denoted with "(Last Imported)". You may optionally change it, though the results may not be correct..
  • Choose how to name the cloned folders- either "Enumerate" the name of the template folder name or name them after the "File Name" of the files that will be imported into them.
  • "Select Files..." to select one or more data files to import. They must be of the same type as that used for the original import.
  • Click the "Run" button.

The App dialog will close and then the cloning and importing will take place. Following that, all operations (analyses) in the project will be updated. Finally the original template folder will be re-activated.


Supported Import Types

The following is a list of import types that are supported by this App (X-Function in brackets []):

  • Import Wizard    (ASCII only)
  • Single ASCII    [impASC]
  • Comma Delimited (CSV)    [impCSV]
  • Excel    [impMSExcel]
  • Image to Matrix    [impImage]
  • Sound (WAV)    [impWAV]
  • Thermo (SPC, CGM)    [impSPC]


Hints and Tips

After you have prototyped your template folder, you can save it for future use!

  1. In Project Explorer, right-click on the template folder and select "Save as Project...". then save the project.
  2. The next time you want to use the same template folder, simply right-click on the root folder in Project Explorer and select "Append Project...". and open the previously saved template project file.
  3. Activate theprototype work book or matrix book in the appended template project and launch the App.



V.1.1 Added support for importing into matrices embedded in worksheets.
V.1.11 Bug Fixed

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07/12/2022noissegood ! @noise


01/10/2018ucbechzA very convenient way of batch importing for worksheet with same data format!