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Access help information of LabTalk via user interface or by a command line

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This app lets user access the help information on the web about LabTalk scripting via the user interface, or by a command line in the Command/Script window.

To install the dialog-based helplt, download helplt.opx file, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. Its icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window. To install the command-line helplt, after installing the dialog-based one, run it, and choose "==> Installation of helplt command" from the Type dropdown.

OPERATION (dialog-based)

  1. Select the Type of the information from the dropdown - General, Commands, Objects, Functions, X-functions, Macros, Operators, Range, @Options, String Registers (including string system variables), System Variables, Substitution, Reference Tables (colors, etc.).
  2. You can enter the name of the command, object, function, x-function, or macro (Predefined System or Special Event Driven type) in the Keyword field. (optional)
  3. Press OK. ==> The help information in the Origin help system appears in the browser.

OPERATION (command-based)

  1. Type helplt command in either Command window or Script window. The syntax is: 
    helplt [-c] [<command name>] / [-xf] [<x-function name>] / -o [<object name>] / -f [<function name>] / -m [<macro name>] / -op / -r[ange] / -@[options]  / -esc[apesequences] / -s[tringregisters] / -sys[temvars] / -sub[stitution]  / -ref / -h[elp]


  • To run the helplt command, the current working directory must be set to your User Files Folder. When it is installed, the directory is automatically set. Even if you uninstall this app, the helplt command remains untill you remove the helplt.ogs file from your UFF. If you change the current directory, you can set it back to your UFF by cd %y x-function command.




v 1.5: Addded -esc switch. X-func can be at 1st argument. Fixed issues with Pro-only X-Functions.

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