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Perform Equivalence Test for one sample, two samples and paired samples.

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Download the Equivalence Test.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


  1. Click the Equivalence Test icon in the Apps Gallery window to open the toolbar.
  2. Three buttons are displayed on the toolbar, corresponding to One Sample, Two Sample and Paired Sample Equivalence Test. Click one button to open the dialog.
  3. Specify Comparison Type to decide using the form of Difference or Ratio.  Note: Comparison Type is not shown in the dialog for One Sample Equivalence Test.
  4. Choose a column in the worksheet  as Input Data, or enter data in Target Value.
  5. Specify Alternative Hypothesis and enter data in Lower Limit, Upper Limit and Significance Level. Specify assuming Equal Variance or not for Two Sample Equivalence Test.
  6.  Click OK button to create a report sheet.


v1.2: 01/16/2023 Imporve GUI label.
v1.1: Support (1-2alpha)*100% confidence interval.

Reviews and Comments:
04/12/2023OriginLabHi, markkramer

Thanks for your reporting. We have fixed the issue in v1.1 of the app.

OriginLab Technical Service

03/20/2021markkramerI think there might be an error in the calculation of the confidence interval of the point estimate of the mean difference? I have tried this on JASP and EXcel and I get different answers compared to this app. Please check and update where necessary as this would be a very useful app in Origin