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Calculate the area shared by two overlapping plots.

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The purpose of this App is to calculate the overlapping area between two plots and output a graph of the overlapping area, the two source plots, and  the integration results.


  1. Activate a source graph with two (or more) line plots.
  2. Click on the App icon in the App Gallery.
  3. In the dialog, select which two plots to use (if the source graph contains more than two).
  4. Optionally adjust the number of points to interpolate the overlapping X axis to.
  5. Optionally enter the baseline Y value if the calculated baseline is not sufficient.
  6. Optionally expand the "Overlap Color" control group to change the colors and plot line width associated with the overlap area on the graph in the dialog.
  7. Optionally drag the line on the graph in the dialog to interactively change the baseline Y value.
  8. Click the OK button to output a graph of the overlapping area along with the two source plots used and a label box with the integration results. Integration results are also output to the Results Log.

Note: High Interpolation Point values can slow down calculation and graph rendering in the dialog. So if using a very high value, expect a bit of a delay.


v.1.3 Hi DPI fixes.
v.1.28 Fixed issue with dialog not calling HTMLDlg::DoModalEx() properly
v.1.27 App fixed to work in IE9.
v.1.25 Fix for potential crash.
v.1.22 Fix for range control list being too long for dialog. Now exchanges XY axes if source axes are exchanged.
v1.21- No change in functionality- developer simply removed debugging code.

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