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Smooth parts of an XY dataset using a "Region of Interest" box.

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The purpose of this App is to select one or more regions of an input XY dataset using an ROI (Region of Interest) box and smooth them according to user-defined settings.


This app will not function properly on Windows with Internet Explorer 8 installed. The minimum version required is 9, but higher versions will allow more functionality.

  1. Either before or after opening the App, select an Input Range XY dataset from a worksheet.
  2. In the App window, in lower panel of the graph, move and resize the yellow ROI box to the desired region of the "Input Data" plot (black).
  3. Adjust Smoothing Settings until the desired level of smoothing has been attained in the "Applicable Smoothing" plot (red) within ROI in lower panel. Note: The settings may automatically adjust based on ROI postion and width.
  4. When ready, click the Apply Smoothing from ROI button. Notice that the "Smoothed Data" plot (blue) in the upper panel of the graph updates.
  5. Specify Output Range and click OK generate a smoothed XY dataset.

Note: Non-monotonic data is not supported. Monotonic means the X data either constantly increases or decreases. Cyclic data would not be considered monotonic. Also data with duplicate X values is not supported.

Note: Multiple regions may be smoothed with different Smoothing Settings as often as desired but the smoothing is not cumulative for any given region- it always smooths the original Input Data.


v.1.3 Hi DPI fixes.
v.1.27 App fixed to work in IE9.
v.1.25 Fix for crash.
v.1.24 Fix for range control list being too long for dialog. Fix for error when certain types of plot are on source graph.
v.1.23 Now allows repeated, sequential X values.

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