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Programmatically slide gadget and generate output.

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This App can be used to automatically move a gadget placed on a graph, and generate output at each step.

Download the Gadget Replicator.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto Origin workspace.
An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


  1. Active a graph and place desired gadget on the graph.
    The following gadgets are supported:
    Quick Fit, Sigmoidal Fit, Quick Peaks, Rise Time, Curve Stats, Integration, Interpolate, and 2D Integration.
  2. Customize the gadget settings such as where to send the output.
  3. Click the app icon. A dialog opens where you can specify the Starting X, Ending X, ROI Width and ROI Offset.
    Starting X as well as Ending X refers to the limits of the X range over which the output will be generated.
  4. Set the Apply to drop-down to Current Plot or Plots in Current Layer
    Note: For 2D Integration gadget, the tool allows you to apply the ROI settings to all matrix objects in the same matrix sheet.
  5. Click OK. The tool will then succesively slide the gadget ROI from left to right by the specified offset, and generate output at each position of the ROI.
    The output will be generated accoding to the gadget settings.


v 2.00: ROI interval from columns
v 1.20: Exclude invalid plots
v 1.12: Starting X and Ending X controls added

Reviews and Comments:
05/25/2020OriginLabHi, malharbi

You can select "ROI Interval from Columns" check box and specify the "from" and "to" columns in the Preference dialog to define the ROI.

For example, if you want interval, 1~3 and 7~12, then you can fill 1 and 7 in one column, 3 and 12 in another column. Then select the check box and specify the "from" and "to" column as these two columns.

Please see whether this works for you.

05/24/2020malharbiPlease lets us define the interval and their for the desired peak. apply the same interval for all points is useless.