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Alexander Zholos
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Set of 8 tools designed for advanced analysis of pClamp data.

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Purpose: Import pClamp files and quickly perform some complex, time-consuming types of pClamp data analysis, mainly of biophysical and pharmacological properties of voltage-gated and receptor-operated ion channels studied with voltage-step or voltage-ramp protocols, such as construction and fitting of “window” voltage-dependent calcium current, recovery from inactivation and concentration-response curves.

Brief description of button functionality:

1. pClamp data import. Normally, one file is imported for subsequent data analysis by pressing this button. However, multiple files can also be selected.

2. Designed for calculation and plotting of “window” voltage-dependent calcium current. Please see the previously published case study prepared using Origin 7.5:

3. Designed for analysis of temperature-dependent shift of the voltage activation range of the menthol and cold receptor TRPM8.

4. Designed for analysis of recovery from inactivation using single voltage step (e.g. neuronal IA potassium current).

5. Designed for analysis of recovery from inactivation using double pulse voltage-step protocol (e.g. voltage-dependent sodium current).

6. Designed for analysis of concentration dependence of current inhibition by a channel blocker (e.g. voltage-dependent sodium channel inhibition by tetrodotoxin).

7. Designed for construction and fitting of agonist concentration-response curve (e.g. muscarinic cation current activated by carbachol).

8. Quick Start guide is provided together with sample files, which are saved during installation in Apps folder: \\Advanced pCLAMP Analyzer\Samples. Type "%@A=" in Script window to locate your App folder.


v1.5 1/11/2024 Fixed bug in Origin 2024 and updated Done button.
30/08/2020 v1.4 Added spreadsheet column notation for newbook X-Function to work in Origin 2019 and later versions
25/8/2017 v1.3 Fixed multiple channel issue
5/14/2017 v1.2 Fixed multiple channel issue
6/4/2017 Video Link Provided

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