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Create 3D stacked histograms with distribution curves.

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  • Purpose
    This app can be used to create 3D stacked histograms. You can:
    1. Customize binning for each dataset individually or use the same binning for all datasets.
    2. Specify whether to show a distribution curve. The following distribution types are supported:  
      Normal, Lognormal, Weibull, Exponential, Gamma, Laplace, Lorentz, Kernel Smooth, Poisson, and Binomial.
  • Installation
    Download the file 3D Stacked Histograms.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.
  • Operation
    1. Select the desired data columns from worksheet.
    2. Click the icon in the Apps Gallery window.
    3. In the pop up dialog, customize the bin settings as needed.
    4. Select the distribution curve to be displayed.
    5. Click OK button to create 3D stacked histograms.


v1.1: Fixed issue of not working in new Origin version
v1.2: Fixed bug of X direction bar width issue
v1.3: Fixed bug for the wrong position of distribution curve in Origin 2020B

Reviews and Comments:

03/01/2021JacquelineheHi fernando.vazquez,
If you want to use relative frequency to plot the 3D Stacked Histograms, I suggest can use "Frequency Counts" tool to calculate the relative frequency, and then use the result to plot "XYY 3D Bar”. Also, you can set the “Z Direction Bar Width" to 0 in the "Plot Details" dialog.
If want to know more about the detail setting, please contact our support:

02/26/2021fernando.vazquezIs there any way to plot by the relative frequency instead of counts?

11/02/2018Hideo FujiiHi sajjadahmadfs, Once you install this (or any other) app, you see the icon in the "App Library". You can see it by "View: Apps" menu (or ALT+9 key stroke). --Hideo Fujii, OriginLab

11/02/2018sajjadahmadfsHi , installed 3D stacked histograms, but i dont know , where is the icon of this??

11/13/2016jijicai It is very useful for me. Thanks a lot!