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Connect to N42 files.

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This App connects the Origin project to IEC 62755 standard N42 (*.n42) files output from radiation measurement instruments.



Key Features
  1. The App scans for ChannelData and imports it together with related metadata. Not all metadata elements may be imported. We need feedback on this aspect.
  2. Energy calibration is performed with the information found in the file. Both polynomial calculation and boundary values are supported.
  3. Data from Neutron vs Gamma rays are stored in separate sheets.


Basic Usage
  1. With a worksheet active, click on the Data menu.
  2. To connect to a local file, click Data: Connect to File: N42 and select the file. To connect to web data, click Data: Connect to Web and enter the URL. 
  3. In the Data Connector Browser, select the .n42 file you want to import, then click OK to connect to the selected ones. The metadata is imported as column user parameter
  4. Once a connector is added, click the connector icon in the upper-left corner of the book to open a popup menu with various commands.
  5. By default, connector-imported data are NOT saved with the project file. To save imported data with the project file, click the connector icon in the upper-left corner for that book and uncheck Exclude Imported When Saving. Note that each book has its own Exclude setting.


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07/11/2022noisseN42 it's in nice work perfect !