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Help to transform raw data related to adsorption isotherm into a linear dataset then perform linear fitting.

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This App provides a convenient way to transform your raw data related to adsorption isotherm into a linear dataset with various types of the model provided, and perform linear fitting with the new dataset. Note that the App only supports one independent variable (x) and one dependent variable (y).


1.        Activate a worksheet with data and click the Fit Adsorption Isotherm app icon.

2.        Specify the independent variable (x) and dependent variable (y) by dragging the columns of the fitting curve to Input item.

3.        Select one of the transformed models. The model equation will be updated and the transformed linear curve will be plotted at the same time when you switch the models in the drop-down list.

4.        Optionally restrict the parameters to the value specified in the Parameter tab. The parameters are those we want to obtain through the fitting.

5.        Optionally assign a new value to the constants in the Constant tab.

6.        Click Fit button to perform a simple linear fit. The R-Square value will be updated in the table of the Parameter tab.

7.        Click Report button to output the fitting report.


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