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Connect to file in Universal format.

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This App connects the Origin project to a Universal file from a file or web site.


This App is not pre-installed with Origin. To install, click Data: Connect to File: Add New.... The App Center opens listing only Connector Apps. Click the Download and Install button beside Universal File Connector to install the App.

  • Dataset Selection
    You can select the required datasets to connect to and exclude the others. Supported Dataset numbers are:
    • 151: Header
    • 164: Units
    • 15: Nodes
    • 2411: Nodes - Double Precision
    • 82: Tracelines
    • 55: Data at Nodes
    • 58: Function at Nodal DOF
    • 58b: Function at Nodal DOF - Binary. Only IEEE 754 is supported.

    Please contact the Technical Support Team if you want to connect to datasets not listed.
Basic Usage
  1. Click on the App icon to open the dialog when a worksheet without Data Connector is activated.
  2. Choose "Yes" when a dialog shows asking if you want to import from a website.
  3. In the Connect to Web dialog, choose a URL for Universal file and click on the "OK" button.
  4. In the Data Connector Browser dialog, double click on the contents to select the data you want to connect to. Then click on the "OK" button.
  5. Data is imported into the active worksheet.


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