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Import DICOM Image files.

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Import one or more DICOM images into a matrix book. 

Download the file. Then drag-and-drop onto Origin. A new icon will appear in the Apps Bar docked on the right side of the interface. 


  1. Click the icon to launch the App.
  2. Select one or more DICOM files.
  3. Selection option in dialog to create new matrix objects, or new sheets or new books.
  4. Select option to convert image to double data type on import, if you plan to perform further analysis of the data. Note that you can also later convert from image to data.

    By default all meta data tags associated with the image will be saved to the book organizer.
    The organizer window will be visible at the bottom part of the window. Stretch the window vertically from below to view the contents of the organizer panel.
    Click on a file name entry in the left side of the organizer panel to view the metadata associated with that file.


This app is not Unicode.  It is Multi-Byte.  In order to support Unicode characters in file path and name the characters must match your current System Locale as specified in Control Panel's Region and Language settings.



Support files with multiple frames.
Support Unicode characters in file path and name.
Add option to rename matrix objects to file name.
Fix Show Thumbnails and Import Tags options.
Fix 32-bit DLL exported function names.

Reviews and Comments:
03/02/20181210275337i like it

11/29/2017cpyangThanks for the report from, we found out the current version cannot handle Chinese characters in the file path so just put files in English path until we fix this on the next version.

11/22/201757156162Could please tell me why i can't get the image by using this APP, or give detailed steps, thanks! Contact me

11/17/2017couturierThanks for this very usefull and convenient tool.