Special Promotion for Free OriginPro Learning Edition

For limited time, OriginLab is currently giving away a special OriginPro Learning Edition for students in selected countries, like China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan
Details are listed below:

Regular Student Version OriginPro Learning Edition
Cost $69 Free with valid university email address
Origin Features Equivalent OriginPro OriginPro
License Type Node-locked to a single computer with expiration Node-locked to a single computer with expiration
Valid Time Frame One year Six month
Window Limit* 30 12

* For any given Origin Project, windows beyond the first n will not be accessible, but will be saved with the project.

Please provide the following information to get your Free Copy of OriginPro: Or return to the Evaluation download

E-mail address
Confirm E-mail address
Please tell us the reasons you are interested at Origin:
   If you have any trouble with getting the Learning Edition, please e-mail us at le@originlab.com