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New Features in Origin 9

The following sections highlight some of the new features in Origin 9.
For more details, visit the complete list of new features and improvements table.
You can also view this video playlist for Origin 9.

3D OpenGL Graphing

All 3D Graphs, 3D Function plots and 3D Parametric plots in version 9 will be OpenGL by default. OpenGL offers the following key benefits:

  • Ultrafast Performance
  • Lighting Support
  • New Plot Types:
    • 3D Surfaces and 3D Bars directly from XYZ data
    • 3D Bar with Z Error Bars
    • 3D Scatter with Projections and Error Bars in X,Y, and Z Directions
  • Flatten and/or Shift 3D Surfaces
  • Intersecting Surface from different X or Y
  • Drag to move 3D Axes Planes
  • Support Special Point for 3D Scatter Graph
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Multiple Surfaces in Same Layer

View More 3D OpenGL graphs

3D suface displaying shapes of mountain before and after volcanic eruption
3D multiple colormap surface with transparent plane.
Multiple stacked 3D surfaces.
3D Scatter plot combined with 3D Parametric Surfaces
3D Surface Plot from Virtual Matrix with a contour plot projected onto XY plane
3D surface plot from XYZ data
3D Colormap Surface with Point Label
Home Price Index Changes and Unemployment Rate
3D scatter plot with X, Y and Z error
3D Scatter with Colormap, scatter size proportional to another column (Engine Displacement)
3D bar Plot with Error, error bar shows the standard deviation
3D bar plot on a flatten surface, showing the population distribution of the United States
3D scatter plot with drop line, showing the population of the United States
3D surface plot from a matrix containing missing values
3D colormap surface drawn from virtual matrix
A 3D colormap surface plot with contour projection in the XY plane.
3D bar plot with Z colormapping
Two intersecting colormap surfaces

3D Parametric Function Plot    

In Origin 9, you can create 3D function plots using parametric equations. You can also save your favorite equations as themes for repeated use. Modify the plot parameters in the Plot Details dialog at any time, and copy paste the settings from one plot to another.

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Data Filter     View Movie

Origin 9 offers a data filter, which is a quick and easy way to filter large datasets by applying filter conditions to one or more columns in a worksheet. All graph and analysis based on the data will be automatically updated when filtering is applied.

Origin automatically reduces the data by hiding all rows that do not meet the combined filter conditions across all columns.

Filters can be applied to text, numeric, or date data.

You can apply filters to one or several columns and configure filtering conditions.

Data Filter supports numeric/text/date formats.

Floating Graphs in Worksheet    View Movie

In Origin 9, inserting a graph into a worksheet is no longer limited to an embedded cell. It is now possible to place the graph as a floating object anywhere on the worksheet.

This provides more flexibility for creating custom reports. User can choose to either embed graphs in cells, or arrange them arbitrarily as floating objects.

Floating charts can easily be inserted into a worksheet.

Floating Graphs

Graphing Improvements

Scatter matrix plots support the insertion of either box chart or histogram plots in the diagonal cells of the matrix.

Graphing Improvements

Legend improvement: Combine Metadata using Substitution Notation, Hide/Show Data Plot Directly
Use the context menu to quickly change X or Y data for 2D graphs.
It is supported to show negative radius in polar graphs when radius is in Y axis.
Possible to show negative points in opposite quadrant.
Axis direction of ternary plots can be both clockwise and counter clockwise.
Support to order stacked columns/bars.

Movie/Animation Creation

It is possible to export a collection of graphs as a video (.AVI format). The movie or animation creation could be accessed both from the user interface and programming scripts. The use of programming languages enables fast and automated video generation.

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View more in Animation Gallery

Animation of Mount St. Helens topology before and after eruption. View more in Animation Gallery
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Global Vertical Cursor View Movie

The vertical cursor gadget is implemented in Origin 9 as a global vertical cursor, which supports data selection in multiple graph windows, helping you easily read X and Y coordinates for data points from multiple graphs in the same project file simultaneously.

The vertical cursor gadget allows users to easily link and extract data in multiple graphs simultaneously.

Global Vertical Cursor

Implicit Function Fitting(Pro Only) View Movie

Origin 9 supports fitting an implicit function using the orthogonal distance regression algorithm. This expands Origin's core curve fitting functionality.

You may even define your own implicit fitting functions.

Origin's implicit fitting functionality allows the user to fit data with both X and Y errors.

Fitting of Ellipse with XY error

IIR Filter Design(Pro Only)

Design, implement, and apply an IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) digital filter in Origin 9.

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IIR filters can be created and deployed from either the GUI or called from LabTalk or OriginC.

For a more complete list of new features, refer to the Origin 9 New Feature List page.

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