Origin 2024 Features


In Origin2024 before, batch plot will not include any special point, now support

When plot is created with intermediate sheet, support batch base on info in source sheet

When batch processing with many files in specified folder, support Data Source as Import All Files from Folder and set File Extension to batch processing with specified data type

When batch processing with large files, Hide intermediate workbook due to OS resource exhausts

Interpolate multiple data and based on same X.

The algorithm for the Triangle method in Interpolate Z from XY tool has been changed.

When batch processing with specifying folder, if there are new files/deleted files/modified files, click Reprocess button to only reprocess on these file

Add Custom Display for Error Value edit box in the fitting tools.

Add cvroiprofile x-function to support ROI Intensity Profile for image window

Smooth multiple data at the same time

Add span by x values for Lowess and Loess method in smooth tools

For Gadgets: Vertical Cursor, when click Add Tag and Label, now it will also output the tag result sheet

Data Handling

New column format Binary is introduced

New mini toolbar button to apply user-defined parameter row(s) to other sheets

Load Color List and Edit Color buttons added

Improved JSON Connector to support auto detect date time, and import it as date time data.

When set column type to binary after import, re-import should keep column type as binary.

Convert to XYZ tool supports Text value for Z data

Support Copy Transposed based on selection

Import CSV Connector to support “yyyy/MM/dd“ date format.

Added a system variable @IPKF to control which column format would be kept after import.

CSV Connector supports append rows to import more files by scripts.

A new mini toolbar is added to easily copy data from all subranges.

Show plot selection and data highlighter effect when copy graph as picture or export graph

Import impFileSel X-Function to support impMSExcel X-Funtions.

Smartly change column format on pasting whole column with Date data

Improved import speed of impMSExcel X-Function and Excel Connector for large excel file import.

Improve the r2m x-function tool to support conversion options

Support Apply button and switching columns in Fill Columns With dialogs

Increase the limitation of sheets in a book

Support inserting discontinuous rows and columns

Support Merge Multiples By option in the wjoinbycol and wjoinbylabel XF tools

Add Clear mini toolbar button for single worksheet cell or worksheet range

If Origin is in dark mode, Scintilla Editor should print in light mode

Add a new function Rank() and show it under the function menu in SCV dialog

Move Data Manipulation menu items to other menu

Support setting column label row as categorical

We can export wks data as ESRI Shapefile (SHP)

When paste data from Excel, Origin will do a smart checking to detect heading rows and paste to column label.

Also, when paste or import to column label, if there are at least three cells with common Date/Time format, then the label will be set as Date/Time format.

Put value in output sheets label when split worksheet by value change , and use sheet label when appending sheets

Support set format for the Long Name, Units, and Comments label row

Delete matrix book then undo is available.

Use Data Highlight to select subset and add them as new columns

A new system variable @UPM can be used to control this (default = 1 means to include the graph objects and this fix, or 0 to use old behavior)

Improved BioLogic Connector to support choose variable(s) to import.

Add a new main menu Restructure to put data restructuring tools together

Show more info for worksheet in the status bar

Improved XML Connector to support UTF-8 and UTF-16 files.


Enable toolbar buttons on Object Editor dialog for align a single layer relative to page

Alluvial Plot Label On Top

Outside Node Position All Left/Right

We can apply theme to layer on Theme Organizer.

More objects supports setting color to be Auto to have nicer color basing on the background

  • Automatically Set as Categorical for Column Label Row

  • Use categorical value to map color index

Better binning min, max, and increment to get better heatmap tick labels

  1. List the real source data in browser panel when one plot is created by one intermediate sheet

  2. Go to Source sheet should go to real source sheet instead of intermediate sheet

  3. show warning in smart hint when user enable browser panel for graph with intermediate sheet that we can not list source data

Change axis scale without need to open axis dialog

Add Save/Load context menu (under Rename) when right click on the profile line tab.

Copy Node Path context menu added in Theme Editing dialogs

  • Support Above Below Fill Color for Fill to Base: fill above base with one color and below base with another color.

  • Remove Y value: Plus Minus for Fill to Base

support Fit Page to Layers Include All Graph Objects

Add Gap Between Subgroup(%) option above Overlap option in Spacing tab of Plot Details.

Plot: Contour: Heatmap with Split Tiles

When we set a color list, if increment is None/Binned/Stretch, we should set it to by one. For palette, no need to change current rule.

For grouped plots, support indexing or map plot colors of each plot by column label row info.

(Page) after graphic object or text object in Object Manager

Allow entering Labtalk variable or LabTalk Substitution Notation in LaTeX Equation

New By Layer tab in Layer background Color control in Mini-toolbar and Plot Details' Background tab. You can set Column Label row to set layer color

Plot setup and layer content could list virtual matrix

For any text object(including legend), set frame to box or shadow, fill color should be None by default.

  • Share Axis style for all axes

  • Move Link Axis Length to Scale with X:Y Ratio from PD to Axis dialog’s Show tab

There was missing value color control in contour plot only in the past. The control is added for any colormapped plot.

Add multiple zoom in region of interests in graph and show each zoomed in region in a separate graph

Added More online Template for 2024. You can get the latest online template via Tools: Template Center.

Add a new system variable to change the meaning of error bar auto color: @eflc. With @eflc=1, it will follow line color.

Page level property to set axis title offset relative to axis line instead of axis line tick labels. Add a LabTalk command to implement it.

Support Ctrl+ drag to repositions the pies like what we can in bar map. Add Map tab for special point in Pie Map

Gather all plot types on map under this new submenu

Support multiple Z with this xf. So input should be same as plot_xyz3dstack. Then we get multiple set of XYZ and run binning for xy and compute quantity for multiple Z. Each Z will be a virtual matrix.

show in and out pie chart instead of bubble

Origin2024 show by plots tab in color fly-out even for single plot.

Origin2024 support show image in tick label and data label. Image size is controlled by font size.

Easier way to label min, max points in graph

We can sort Alluvial node by name/ frequency.

When Z Value Source’s label is categorical, we should use its categorical values to set up axis scale range.

And when axis type is Column Name or Label, we should check if it is categorical and then make use of it.

Support fill to data plot in same plane(same Z value) for 3d waterfall.

Add None option in Border color control for histogram plot and box plot.

Add a new checkbox Use Data within Axis Scale Range for Calculated Values in Reference Line tab of Axis dialog. Checking it means reference line operation will just consider the data in the axis range.

Show 3D operation buttons when mini toolbar is turn off

Origin2024 is able to open a blank template from the Template Library. Open Button is added to implement the feature.

Plot: Map: Tile Grid Map to fill discrete tiles with colors or 2D graphs

For show at specified points only in Plot Details’s Label tab, -1 now is used to indicate 1st point in layer, so the plot label will show even if axis scale is changed.

When there is node label column for sankey(FTWN), we could add Display Name dropdown after wrap text checkbox, dropdown list show columns in same sheet. Select it, we should replace Sankey node label with display name according to row index of node label.

Add a GraphPage variable igp for X-Function laymxn, assuming active window as input.

A new dialog: plotmultivm to create heatmap with multiple info in one cell.


For group plots, support Copy Plot button in Single tab to copy the data of selected plot

Provide GUI to control dynamic color reversal mode(@DCR)

Support Add Reference Line button in Axis mini toolbar to quickly add Reference Line

In Origin 2024, User can arrange windows arbitrarily and save those settings. Then they want to work with the windows moving them etc, and later be able to re-apply the settings to get back their saved arrangement on any DPI.

In Origin 2024, Arrange Windows dialog adds Share Active Window Size checkbox.

Easier way to change browser graph to show all plots from another sheet

Color mapping for color reversal can be customized

Turn Origin interface to dark style, including workspace, toolbars, menus, worksheet, notes window, etc.

Add Dark Mode toolbar to easily toggle dark mode on and off for GUI and window level, etc.

Customizable Dark Mode Auto Color when graph/layout background is auto

Export or copy-page graphs with or without Dark Mode settings

Add icon for sheet in Object Manager to tell if a sheet is a report sheet/Mbook sheet/Notes sheet/Hierarchal sheet/Graph sheet

Add Layout, Image, Note window type for build-in Menus tab and Add Custom Menu tab.

Add system variable @tcp to control dark mode of inserted table/worksheet

When clicking the Dark mode toolbar/menu should show the text as a popping up message box.

Turn on the left browser panel to change all plots to data from a different sheet

In Origin 2024, for HTML and Markdown in Notes window, we change to use Bootstrap framework.

Origin support customize app button icon and Toolbar Icon in light mode and dark mode

Origin support customize toolbar buttons with different toolbar bitmap in light mode and dark mode

Provide a variety of dark mode themes

Shift+Wheel to scroll horizontally

Want a system variable to control where new folder is added when using toolbar button

Support dark mode for window title bar


Improve the catrows() function to return different index

To make the dialog work better in dark mode, need to change more dialog using Edit Control to be Scintilla based.

Support Dark Mode for Code Builder.

Added following oc functions.

void RGBtoLCH(COLORREF cr, double* L, double* C, double* H);
COLORREF LCHtoRGB(double L, double C, double H);
void RGBtoLAB(COLORREF cr, double* L, double* a, double* b);
COLORREF LABtoRGB(double L, double a, double b);
void RGBtoHSV(COLORREF cr, double* h, double* s, double* v);
COLORREF HSVtoRGB(double h, double s, double v);

Folded Normal Distribution function can be used by Labtalk.

1..Added Desert and Coffee theme back to code builder.

2.Change default Font to Consolas 10 pt.

Add new LabTalk property to access the graphic object position drawing order

Add new properties to specify subset by column

3D OpenGL graph’s clipping support LabTalk access

Support syntax coloring for MATLAB and R Console.

Python function op.save() supports slash in path

page.nodark=1 to disable dark mode in a page

Improve PageBase::Print function to support print note window

Add interfaces on accessing note window using Python.

X-Function support load theme from theme file in the project folder

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