Origin 2022b Features


Support Digits button in mini toolbar to change the digits of report table

Pause and resume auto recalculation menu under Analysis menu and hotkey Ctrl+0

support start new columns import mode when do batch processing

Detect adding/deleting sheets and trigger recalculation

Custom Label support for Quick Fit/Statistics gadgets

The digitize image uses new format type OImage.

We support export the analysis results of NC matrix such as Linear Fit, Average etc to a valid NC file.

Read more GeoTIFF image Info.

generate histogram for 1 channel grayscale image

Added Z1 Z2 Slider for grayscale image

support set unit to image window

Create New will carry over Z1, Z2

When ROI is not RECT, set pixels outside to Missing for double data type, or if source has Missing value

Support read XY mapping from GeoTIFF file and export data matrix/image as GeoTIFF file.

Add LabTalk command to crop, clip Image object on graph.

Add <none> option for Result sheet when using active book to do repeated analysis

Add string property for image XY mapping, and add option to layer command to add image using scale

When Convert Image to Matrix, carry over GeoTIFF info

Normalize column(s) to a specified range or use statistics of reference column to normalize column

Besides Rectangle, user can choose circle, polygon and region to add ROI in imag window

Support name range in fitting tool, Define Name in worksheet cell, use the Name rather than actual name to set critical parameters like Intercept, Slope in fitting tool.

Subtract and Simple Math tools support Periodic arithmatic calculation

In Origin2022 or before, if set Initial Formula for some Parameters, the initial value for Parameters with no initial formula will be 0, in Origin2022b, Use auto parameter intialization code for those with no initial formula.

Should not sort the P-P plot’s data.

support output result to same sheet when repeat analysis for all Y columns

For a user defined fitting function, there will be a .FDF in User Files Folder, put a EMF/SVG with same name as the FDF, in NLFIT dialog, set Function as user defined fitting function, in Formula tab, the preview for the function shows

Added Z1, Z2 to LabTalk’s Img object.

In Intersity Profile tool of ROI in image matrix, more options are added.

Multiple tools are added or improved

Data Handling

Two buttons added at bottom of workbook and matrix book to add sheet and show/hide Book Organizer.

Support text object to use text from Notes.

Click cell in column label row to insert notes

Origin will assign same value for each cell

Define name for column label row and use it in column/cell formula, graph reference line or function plot

When book window is splitting, the bottom pane will not show any graph object by default.

Support data connector for drag and drop import when there are multiple import filters.

Support different font size in different Notes window

Ctrl+Alt+I, Ctrl+Alt+T, and Ctrl+Alt+L are added to import single, multiple or web image

Support import negative numbers as missing (GDAL_NODATA) in GeoTIF image

Added Import Grayscale GeoTIFF as Data node under File Info branch for impImage X-Function.

Support skipping empty column(s) when start new columns to import.

Import Multiple GeoTIFF images with same size into one image window with sliders showing

Import web image directly into Image Window in Origin

Improve Excel Connector to support auto detect header.

Support moving cursor to matching parenthesis.

Provide more ways to improve speed of import HDF5 file for HDF Connector.

Edit Notes for sheet and show sheet color in Workbook Organizer

  1. Add ROI“ is added on matrix image view’s right-click menu. And the added ROI’s shape will follow the current selected tool(Rectangle/Circle/Polygion/Region) on the toolbar.

  2. When adding multiple ROIs, the new ROI will be renamed automatically like “ROI1“, “ROI2“, “ROI3“…

Insert Table in Notes window. A table sheet will be created for editing contents.

Link to image file or online image in Notes window to keep Origin project file size small

Import multi-frame into matrix should check max to turn on slider.

  1. Enable both Time Axis Skipping and Averaging.

  2. Support average cross years for numeric format year.



to set the intrinsic width in inches.

User can write notes, report in Notes window and styles

Paragraph Support with new Origin Text Escape notation

Set @dden=1 before launching opju with DDE links to unaccessible Excel file

Mousing over Notes window in PE shows preview

Added XF msclip to refill matrix with missing values for boundary shape.

Remove Formula/Links to easily share Project with others

Support selecting multiple matrix objects and delete.

Support setting tab color for mutliptle sheets together

Use both Short name and long name in Col() function to refer to correct column

Set Page width (inch) of Notes window and display margin (points)

Add a Special Default Fonts dialog to specify default font

Support Kriging and IDW method in 2D interpolation

Support showing import filters saved in User Files folder on Data: Import From File menu.

When splitting worksheet by reference column value or value change, set tolerance so values within tolerance will be put to same sheet

Support setting Import Options for no-time data and non-geography data

When Notes window with Origin Rich Text syntax, allow to customize format like font, font size, color, .ect with Toolbar.

In worksheet, Insert Notes for cell, also allow In-Place Edit with Standard Toolbar

Clickable URL link in Notes Window

Add Origin Rich Text as another Syntax for Notes, and set it as default

Zoom in rendered mode of Notes window


Choose the File: Export Graph (Advaned): <Graph> menu to directly export the graph without opening the dialog

Mini toolbar button to add label for each layer of multi-layer graph

Add Alignment Option when turn on data of data plots

When label link to Line/Arrow, support Auto option in Rotate dropdown, label will follow the rotation of the Line/Arrow if select

Plot bars at xy coordinates. Then add map as background image.

Ignore non-existing substitution notation and conditional spacing

Add Connect option to all line fly-out of Connect Lines tab, including Connect Mean, Connect Median, Connect Data Points and Connect Percentiles.

Make sorting of dataset list case sensitive in Layer Content dialog

Visualize hierarchic data, a variant of a treemap or a dendrogram.

Remove unsuitable context menus in Group table of Plot Details dialog

Remove Contour Line for Contour Related Templates

Define Dash line for applicable plot and graphic object

Data Highlight Properties dialog is added with different adding mode

Support Column Width for single cell in Data Point Tooltip, and show the image with aspect ratio

Double head arrow between two points with label. The label is the distance between the two points, auto-calculated when you draw the object.

Distance Annotation support snap to Data Point, Axis, and Line Object (Reference line, additional line), hold Ctrl to disable snap

Add Transparency by Column, and Use Absolute Value option above Transparency option in Line tab, for network plot. Set Edge Width by absolute value.

Support Export graph or layout window to SVG image type

DPI option added when exporting image

Support mini toolbar to control table frame and Grids

Show/Hide Speed Mode Banner button on page level mini toolbar to hide Speed Mode Watermark.

Transparency support for image plot from matrix data

Copy Layout as Image and choose EMF image type and paste to Word 365, resolution is bad.

Add Increment option to Line Style dropdown in Plot Details dialog’s Line tab.

Insert image to text object using \cell() and \img() notation

Hold Alt key before pasting to keep object size when pasting to laytout with different sizes

Lighting hotkey S for 3D graph conflict with many other accelerators.

Linked Image in graph/laytout auto reimport when opening opju or modifying image file

Add Log base on 1000 formula to custom formula list. Better increment tick position for custom formula.

Show long minus sign when creating new graphs

Support mini toolbar for multiple legend to conveniently set up Legend in batches, hold Ctrl to select each Legend in one graph, mini toolbar will show after release Ctrl key.

Add toggle of setting Link to (%, $) substition level to 1 or 0 on Text object mini toolbar

\sep:50 after cursor as new row. It means add a separator row with vertical space=50% of font height

Added More online Template for 2022b. You can get the latest online template via Tools: Template Center.

Add Edge Thickness control on Percentile tab of box chart

Show Unique Entries Only for Point by Point Legend

Relative Position options are added on Position tab of Properties dialog so that when user moves or resizes parent object, the child object follows.

A variants of the Ternary graph

Support Select All with Same Name in Object Manager with Show Graph Objects, and show mini toolbar to set object with same name

If the option is not none, Axis Tick Label option to show power (scientific notation) will be in just one place.

Insert Symbol Map provides both Simple and Advanced mode

We improve the speed for highlight and move nodes.

Plot data as bars along an Archimedean spiral. It begins at the center of a spiral and then progresses outwards.

Add a new checkbox Match X by Offset to support do batch plotting with multiple x plot

Add Fit Page to Objects menu for layout window

Support Flip Colormap mini toolbar button in 3D colormap surface and 3D ternary colormap surface

Wrap tick label by number of characters no matter there is space between words or not


show cloud template when user search in Origin start menu

Control the horizontal gap between App icons

Resize and reposition windows to make it display the same layout in workspace in different resolution and DPI.

Allow customization of button to insert OLE object in graph

Registered user can directly install app when search from origin start menu

Customize how to tile/cascade windows in workspace

When Data Reader on large dataset, support hold Ctrl/Ctrl+Shift key to speed up moving cursor

Folder in Project Explorer bottom panel will show size. (Need check “Show Folders“ context menu)

Inform user about new version of origin is available when check for update

Context menu is added to show window preview only when Ctrl key is pressed when mousing over a window in Project Explorer

Resizing and Snapping of Windows in Workspace

Support hosting user apps on customer server

View: Mini toolbar checkbox and system variable will apply to future sessions

Ctrl+Z to restore deleted workbook window


Support accessing cell notes in code

Added an Origin C function to matrixbase class: int SetByText(LPCSTR pTxt, char cSep = ',', double dMissing=0);

sec -sn to prevent Windows sleep and sec -sn 0 to allow sleep

Support simple dataset assignment to skip hidden rows

Support getting and setting tree from info binary storage as tring

Add Labtalk function to copy a graph page to the clipboard.

Channel layer object to set XY mapping for matrix object.

Get DataRange from name and get list of Cells with Notes to Worksheet class.

Add function in originpro to copy graph page to the clipboard.

Support checking package version with pip -check/-chk1 command

Introuduce a new function to evaluate FDF in Python code, so user can define a fitting function base on it and get a better prerformance.

In Notes window, set Syntax as Markdown, input KaTex script and press Ctrl+M to render

Support link text to be a click-able link in dialog

CollectionEmbeddedPages supports getting embedded Notes page in Worksheet.

Support disable sparklines by system variable @SPK.

Origin 2022b Bug Fixes



Data Handling





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