Origin 2021 Features


No extrapolation added when averaging multiple curves

Optimization Solver app can be used to find solutions that minimize or maximize a function defined in a worksheet's cell. It can also be used for curve fitting by defining the residual sum of squares as the target function for minimization.

abs in the GCAS function is not necessary and so it’s removed now.

HTML Report Assistant app

Improved info. shows when mousing over the green lock

Moving Average Functions NANUM (Missing value) Ignore or Zero Issues

Improved tools that support group column with date time data so the output will be sorted by meaningful week, month, quarter, etc. order.

Enable Linear Constraints Status and Constraints are checked by default

Detrended Correspondence Analysis App can be used to perform detrended correspondence analysis (DCA). It is a multivariate method that corrects for the major problems (the arch effect and compression of the ends of the gradient) of Correspondence Analysis.

Neural Network Regression App fits data with neural network backpropagation.

  • Download Periodic Report app from the page and install the app.

  • With a worksheet window activated, click the app icon to bring up the dialog.

    1. Choose Input columns for grouping, and date/time column for periodic calculation.

    2. Select how to merge the input columns, including 1st point, last point, mean, sd, mean and sd, min, max, sum, and count.

    3. Change a start and end date/time accordingly, leave them Auto if you want to cover all the data.

    4. Consider the period for grouping you want, including second, minute, hour, day, month, quarter and year.

    5. For day period, you can also specify how many days as a period.

    6. If you have included prior periods, the result will not be merged for the same period in different "parent". For example, the period you choose is month, if not include prior periods, then all data in each month, Jan. for example, will be merged, but it does not care about the years. If include prior periods, Jan.'s data is merged by year, but not all years together.

    7. If there are some other columns need specific consideration, you can include other columns to handle them.

    8. Specify where to output the result, and then click OK button.


In Fitting Function Builder and NLFit dialog, there is Fitting Function Library link to download extra fitting functions provided by our website.

Makes it easier to build output range

Rank Models by Fit Reports app can be used to rank fitting functions by fit reports. It can find the optimal model by AIC, BIC, Adj. R-Square, Reduced Chi-Sqr or Residual Sum of Squares.

If all input Y has same sampling interval, no seperate X column will be created

ANOVA Result Worksheet adds Grouping Letters Table in Means Comparison

In Data Range box, user can enter (1:10)!A:B to do rowwise statistics of column A to B on sheets 1 to 10.

Allow importing data directly into embedded matrix imported by data connector in worksheet during batch processing

Buttons on summary sheet will also work if the Data source is Use Existing Data in batch processing

Support set sampling interval on locked columns

Apparent Integration App calculates apparent integral in Cartesian and polar coordinates according to the current axis scales.

In the past, Vertical cursor only worked for layers stacked vertically in same graph. Now it will work for layers even on the left or right side

Data Handling

@ISC=0 System Variable fixed and a wks level control “wks.isc“ has been added.

Numbers are usally right aligned. Now you can align numbers by decimal points in a column

Entering HTML color code to create color

We used to use Ctrl+Enter for new line. Changed to Alt+Enter to be consistent with other softwares

Mini toolbar buttons is added to handle date/time data what wrap around midnight

Drag and drop of *.dat files will use CSV Connector if no Import filter is checked for Drag and drop of that file type.

Check if copied data is date and time and paste accordingly

Clone Import for Data Connector-based imports is now supported.

Yokogawa WDF Connector App connects the Origin project to Yokogawa WDF files. Yokogawa WDF Connector App is not pre-installed with Origin. To install, click Data: Connect to File: Add New.... The App Center opens listing only Connector Apps. Click the Download and Install button beside Yokogawa WDF Connector to install the App.

TDMS Connector App is not pre-installed with Origin. To install, click Data: Connect to File: Add New.... The App Center opens listing only Connector Apps. Click the Download and Install button beside TDMS Connector to install the App.

CSV Connector now permits appending rows to columns.

Use mini toolbar to customize date and time display or numeric digits

Data: Connect Multiple Files… a Source drop-down list has been added that allows for Specified Files or all Files in Specified Folder.

A DC-connected worksheet now remembers a customized sheet name and does not change its name.

Newly added checkbox Check all Selected Columns Extract to quickly select highlighted columns only

Excel like formula bar is added on the top part for easier view column/cell formula and long cell contents

A new DC DC to import Bruker DQL/RAW files has been created.

Import Menu Customization via Customize… menu- makes it easier to find more DC Apps

Import PDF Tables app can be used to import tables in the pdf file.

New sample formula are added and out of date ones are removed

CSV Data Connector now supports Zulu Time (UTC).

MATLAB connector supports importing tables from .MAT files.

Matlab DC supports opaque variable such as date, time, duration, or table in Matlab v6/v7 version files.

Easier way to turn on rich text , insert user-parameter, hide label row, move up and down, etc.

When data type isn’t double(8), we used to show 0 as missing values. Now user can specify what value to show as missing value --

Legacy Import from File menu moved to lower position in the Data menu.

A new NI TDMS Connector has been created.

origin will set 1st row as long name when paste report sheet table since Origin2021, it will provide better format style look, also can easily change table style will mini toolbar.

By default, space separated text will be pasted into multiple columns. A context menu Paste (Keep Spaces) is added to pasted text into one column

Re-import of Web DC now re-downloads the data based on the value of the @CFDT System Variable.

There were many issues when using transposed data as input of further analysis.

Some button and context menu added to easily save and load formula for a column

New column type is added to support HTML color code. User can save the colors in the column as a color list or palette for other uses. User can use it to color plots.

In places where user needs to enter expression, formula, use color blind safe colors for matching ()

Support mask column based on Outlier by IQR

New Yokogawa Binary WDF File DC has been created.


Set @LLAB=0, then when plotting fill area plot, only line legend shows.

Many options added so for common editing, user doesn’t need to go to Labels tab of Plot Details dialog to customize.

User can uncheck newly added Exact checkbox in Duplicate (Batch Plotting) dialog to plot multiple book/sheets with some mismatch in columns.

Stacked Browser to plot stacked graphs based on grouping information in column label rows with interactive buttons on the left manipulate plots

  • User can now use minitoolbar to turn a regular graph into browser one.

  • User can set up flipping pattern in browser graph to exam their data more easily

Changed default plot mask mode from X range to ROI coverage

Plot: Categorical: Chord Diagram

Update colormap graph when changing color scale on mini toolbar, delete color scale title by Delete key

Plot Details and Axis dialoges can also show colored brackets when entering expression

In the past when there is axis break in column/bar plot, the gap shows in column/bar. In Origin 2021, user can check the newly added checkbox so the column/bar still shows as a whole bar.

3D Polar Strain Map app can be used to create 3D polar strain map graph.

Taylor Diagram app is capable of creating taylor diagram for facilitating the comparative assessment of different models.

Drag and drop color palette files of other softwares to install it in Origin

the layers in a Double-Y graph can be reordered without breaking linking.

In Browser Graph user can now defined subset and flipping through

When user exports a graph, the settings should be remembered in the graph itself, so next time, they should be able to pick as a theme to refill the dialog.

Improvements on how plot properties are kept when grouping plots in Object Manager

Customize color below min and above max in Image plot

It is dynamic now, can be expand to show more items.

More options in text object (including special objects like legend, colorbar, etc.) mini toolbar

Row-wise Plot can now follow categorical order and the data can be filtered

Color scale head and tail can now be configured independently.

The Beginning and ending special point on a plot may be named begin or end

Layer Background Image can be behind the layer background color now

Lollipop Plot added to connect corresponding rows vertically or horizontally

Flip colormap button added on colormap mini toolbar

Mini toolbar can effect multiple layers/objects that be selected at the same time

Mini toolbar for Parallel Plot Axis

Tick label table specific mini toolbar is added.

More display format option for scientific 103 notation

In custom color pop up add a plus mark in the cell to add custom color

Mean of Pairwise Means and Bland-Altman Ratio are introduced in Bland-Altman plot

Move Plot to other layer also move the related error bar plot

Click the leader Lines button on data label mini toolbar to control it

Label Source button added on data label mini toolbar.

A new color manager tool to load palette from website or file from other software, create and edit color list/palettes, and customize which color list/palettes to show in color GUIs

User can offset overlapped points Vertically now

More buttons added on page level mini toolbar

Nodes in Sankey plot can now follow Data Order

With newly added Independent Binning Control checkbox selected, user can set different binning for each histogram in scatter matrix plot.

For text and rectangle objects, show click feedback when clicked same as in 2d graph.

Two graph types added: Polar Vector and Compass Plot.

Strip Format Codes from Object Manager Plot Listings

Support C-Language formats for minor tick label display format

User can specify different label to use for different plots in grouped 3d graph

Support Shift key+Mouse to move vertically or horizontally only for Graph Layer/Object

The old syntax is hard to understand and customize. So we used similar syntax as legend in Origin 2021 to customize data labels.

User can mask data points on 3D scatter now

Set axis rescale type to Fixed, Normal, Auto etc. in Tneray diagram

See the status bar about how to use system variable to adjust increment step when clicking on mini toolbar’s increase/descrease buttons.

Alignment dropdown list is added on Tick Labels: Format tab

Add Radial option in axis dialog tick label tab’s Rotate for Polar graph.

User accidentally hits CTRL+W switching to Column List View. He thinks he deleted data and tries to hit CTRL+Z to undo which used to do nothing. Now it switches back out of Column List View

Enter unicode number to show unicode symbols in scatter plots

Support wrap text for text object, legend, text label on worksheet, tick label.

Installation and Licensing

How to customization Origin during batch installation

Customize config.ini to uninstall previous versions while installing new Origin.


In app Bar context menu: Sort Apps->Recently Used is added

Copy Notes Window within or across sessions

Some menus added related to HTML report

Manually click Download now button to get new apps information

Social menu is added before Help menu, Help menu reorganization

Protect Project… button in Save Project As dialog


Command Window now supports Zoom in/out and auto code complete

Add LET Labtalk function which pairs values and names and calculates the expression using the names

Add product Labtalk function which returns the product of a dataset

Added OC functions to download color palette: int download_palette(LPCSTR lpcszURL, LPCSTR lpcszPALfilename)

GetN Box now supports to assign dataset values.

Increase default GetNBox entry focus time

update some Code Builder Shortcut Keys: e.g. Tools: Customize(Ctrl+K, Ctrl+T)

Improve Labtalk command run -p to update pending locks for active book/sheet.

Labtalk command set supports setting line dash property.

Add more Labtalk controls to customize plot properties such as symbol overlaps, label properties, plot color, etc

Improve LabTalk accessing cells notation from another book.

Improve Color() function to set plot color by column

Add more Labtalk controls to customize Box Plot properties such as statistical lines, labels, etc

Improve GraphLayer.WorldToView() and GraphLayer.ViewToWorld() to support 3D graph.

Two OC functions to get modifiers are added.: DataPlot.GetModifiers & GroupPlot.GetModifiers

Add a new event “Plot Hide Show” in Object Properties

doc -e G will skip none-accessible objects in looping graph objects.

Added Labtalk worksheet method SortCols() to sort columns by Long names

support adding break point in the code, support running code line by line, checking variable values in debug mode, etc

Origin 2021 Bug Fixes


Fail to keep annotation when do batch plotting

Output designation not modified if column exists. Meaning: After recalculation, column designations should not be changed.

Fitting result table is wrong if using the theme for fitting.

No lock on source graph if using Dynamic input range and output to inputX newY.

Origin crashed when exporting ASCII via script during batch processing.

Improved the speed of getting data for statistics on rows when doing batch processing with large source data.

Data Handling

ASCII import failed to properly detect the number of columns when there are main headers.

Assertion failed when importing certain NetCDF files resulting in failed import.

Copy entire hierarchical sheet as HTML failed to copy properly.

Drag and drop Excel did not work if first sheet is empty.

Export Excel improperly reset row bounds (value of i2 variable).

Fixed issue with TIF/PNG/PCX backgrounds when using 24-bit color depth.

“From Web” file type detection failed for certain URLs.

Slowness when clicking on Function menu the first time in Set Column Values dialog.

Sampling interval was lost in output. Fixed to keep it when appending worksheet by column.

A long SQL statement caused LabTalk substitution to fail.

Origin Crashes sometimes when switching windows in Project Explorer.

Removal of SQL comments broke SQL for certain RDBMS.

plotm X-Function failed to resolve input matrix range.

Print Options dialog fail to open if printing to PDF.

Printing report sheet failed to show footer.

Ghost text shows when editing in worksheet cell when content is long

Set column value recalculation trigger issue when it uses a value in column label rows.

Turning on sparkline of other columns should not change sparkline heights.

Update of matrix result sheet’s dimension is incorrect.

Issues with big number in a narrow column (poor rounding) and the display of number with German decimal separators.

Various worksheet Find and Replace issues.

digit precision issue and editing of date time value issue in user-defined column label rows


If we click Insert > Function Plot menu to add 3d plot, 3D function plot won't update when change axis range. But no such problem if use File > New > Function Plot > 3D Function Plot menu.

3D Side by Side Bars with Error bar can not be plotted from XYYErr data.

3D stack bar failed to render properly with log Z axis.

Axis increment is not good if X data of box plot is not monotonic.

Axis Paste Format fly-out menu is incorrect.

Axis disappeared after rescaling a Log scale parallel plot.

Bad Plot highlighting in 2D Waterfall fixed.

Bar is missing if inside Y axis break region.

Clip range fails to save in PD dialog for 3D plots.

Symbol color is improperly changed after a change in the shape of 3D grouped scatters.

Color Scale properties dialog fails to open for scatter matrix.

Colormapped scatter plot failed to show specified color(s) after editing one or more colors.

Crash after copying a certain type of data from Excel, pasting into worksheet, and making ternary contour plot.

Data label on grouped column chart showed at the wrong position.

If there are data selector markers in graph, and user show or hide plots in Object Manager, the marker will disappear.

Text shows instead of plot when copy a plot range with missing values and paste to another graph window

Droplines at specified values failed to show if X column is in descending order.

Edit Range automatically changes for some source data such as for the Line and Symbol Graphs - Error Bars with Fill Area example in Learning Center.

Failed to add a dataset as line type by default to OHLC graph.

Fail to close load palette popup menu properly.

Failed to connect lines across axis break for an axis break in 3D trajectory plot.

Failed to copy colormap settings from Streamline, Sankey, Alluvial, and Kite plots.

Fail to copy symbol format of 3D waterfall.

Fixed issue- show label for a 2nd or 3rd line plot, then Drag and Drag label to change its position. The label is still in original position.

Failed to move label by keyboard in Sankey plot.

Failed to normalize the data when plot 3D Tetrahedral from Plot Setup dialog.

Failed to remember the minor tick label settings for 3D plots.

Larger/Smaller break gap button fails to work in 2020b.

Failed to show numeric display format edit box for 3D scatter special point.

Failed to clip labels for heatmaps when zooming or panning.

Fill area worked poorly for Polar R Theta plot. Colormap was wrong.

Cannot remove graph margins of pie chart with Fit Page to Layer.

plot virtual matrix failed to work for certain date/time format data

Global Font setting was not applied to reference line labels.

Graph Themes should support Window View.

It was hard to select the target symbol for bullet charts.

Distribution curve failed to fill to bottom with exchanged XY axes

Horizontal and Vertical offset of tick label does not work properly when clicking Apply.

If change Target graph/layout window’s Page Orientation, then insert Graph by Insert Graph button in tools toolbar. the inserted graph fail to keep source graph ratio.

Issue with creating enlarged graph from Scale In tool for virtual matrix plots (e.g. heatmap). Also wrong display from a custom label row for heatmaps.

Issues with Label designation on Plot Setup.

Special Points and Drop Lines failed to show for certain projects.

Japanese Origin failed to allow entering decimal point in Data: Edit Range dialog.

When vector label is attached to Arrow Head, Ctrl-click a label and moving it would not move to right place in the 1st time.

LaTeX \q drawing issues- space was missing.

Layer stack offset changed when changing plot type.

Legend misaligned when there is a mix of auto translation text and manually entered text.

When “Show Legend for Visible Plots Only” is checked, some legend items overlap.

No fill color control for open symbols with +, -, x, | shapes within the symbol.

Opening a recent graph with a Note window active led to a crash.

Point by Point legend for column/bar plot with incrementing pattern

Origin crashes when changing the order of wedges in a pie chart to by column if data plot is from a loose dataset.

The “More Palettes” dialog can be opened when you select to change palette from the GUI from. In some cases after selecting a palette, Origin crashed.

Outline of symbol disappears in Legend in Origin 2020b and 2020.

Plotting with 10,000-columns makes Origin very slow or even crash.

Properties dialog of radar chart's axis title was improperly rendered- buttoned lacked icons.

When changing a text object location, the text object's position was not updated correctly.

“Remove Text Format” button in the Legend dialog fails to remove complicated formatting.

Fixed a rescale issue for Parallel plots with “Rescale Each Axis Independently” unchecked.

Scale In tool can't handle plot offsets.

In the past, if showing histogram in diagonal cells, the top row of plots used histogram’s axis. It should show scatter plot’s axis.

Scatter plot Skip Points failed to show correct value in Plot Details.

Scientific display of axis tick label was incorrect for Log10 scale.

Some stack plots did not show the correct offset- plots drawn differently in 2020b.

Transparency of color scale should follow that of the contour/heatmap.

Tick labels 1.10^n scientific format display as g(x)10^n when axis is log scale

Some part of an XYZ contour plot are not transparent if there are duplicate points in XYZ colormap contour.

Turning on Label in 3D Vector Plot's XY Projection can lead to crash.

Undo For Layer Contents Dialog did not work properly.

Wrong colormap for 3D surface whenset %C -spi 2 is run .

Wrong tabs show for 2nd plot when 3D vector is enabled for a 3D scatter plot.

Fixed issue with wrong tick labels for 3D XYY bars.


New a Note Window, select HTML: Load Samples: Hello World.html will pop up script error.

Fixed the bug of progress bar not showing during App download and installation.

Fixed the bug of when viewing graphs in full view, it failed to show based on slide index order and it failed to skip graphs that are set as Skipped

The HSL value were a little different after copy and paste html color code. Fixed in Origin2021.

Origin may crash after running sensitivity analysis in Monte Carlo App.

With narrow bottom panel of Project explorer, when using scrollbar to scroll to the last window, it jumps to the beginning.

UIM objects poorly rendered in Hi DPI.


"set %c 0 -r" fails to clear all special points

R fails to parse Japanese characters in Japanese version of Origin.

Fixed a crash when run wks.insertrows() command with a specified project file.

XF tree output failed to dump to Command Window.

Origin 2021 Known Issues




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