Origin 2020 Features


Perform 2d peak fitting and integration for each peak.

Number of Levels dropbox for Raw data mode of ANOVA tools is increased to 25
In Peak Analysis preview with Peak Analyzer, axis dialog can be opened to adjust axis scale
Batch Processing support Analysis Templates that having Data Connector
Improve level crossing tool to support large duration points

Change Parameters... context menu is added no matter where you click in the sheet.

Add an option in batch processing dialog to combine all Word files into one file after batch processing
Provide options to ignore hidden rows or not on context menu of analysis lock
Copy All Open Tables context menu is added when you right click the title of hierarchical result sheet
Data filter will be auto triggered after importing data in analysis template
Box charts generated in ANOVA tools are plotted with grouped box chart
When normalizing multiple datasets, can combine them as a single dataset to normalize.
Faster  2D Kernel  Density plotting for large datasets

Fit data with neural network.

K-Means Cluster Analysis and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, Cluster Membership column keeps  the order of the original data and is set as Categorical and Ascending type.
Simple Curve Math supports custom formula, which enable flexible operation between two curves.
Improved the calculating speed of Means Comparison, and it will be 30% faster than Origin 2019b.
Speed of Quick Peak Gadget is improved for large data
When there are many operations involves report sheet, recalculation if much more faster
Add Open Books button in summary report book after batch processing so that user can select the row and open corresponding intermediate workbook

Explore video and related measurement data.

Data Handling

Add View: Arrange Graphs menu item for Worksheet
In Set Column Values dialog, user can directly key in From or To values.

Connect to a LeCroy trace data file

Connect to tables and images in Word document
Copy a block of cells from worksheet or a table from a report sheet and choose Copy Table (HTML, EMF).

Support copy and paste density plot. And support add another layer like double-Y kind to overlay another layer with or without data

Improve Ctrl + C to follow the Digits setting in Preferences: Options dialog when copy values in hierarchical report sheet. 

CSV Connector supports Import first 50 lines as previewPartial Import and Data Block Marker options.

CSV Connector supports auto detect ISO time with GMT.
Added system variables @DNS, @FSE, @FSEW and @FSEB to control if check Exclude Imported When Saving menu item for Data Connector and Database.Data Connector 
When dragging and dropping data into Origin, inform user there is data connector and let user specify using data connector or old import way to import data. 
Support to create a new book/sheet with same strucuture and cell formula as original one.
Database Import images stored inside the database as pictures in worksheet cells.
Excel like cell reference in cell formula.
For large data, faster cursor response when data manipulation in worksheet with column filter.
After importing new data, Filter will be triggered automatically.

Import NMR data in different formats

Improve Sum function to support rowwise sum
For project file with many windows in folder, loading the project or switching folders in Project Explorer is very slow.
Add two system variables  for Multi-threaded ASCII import. 
Add object Manager for workbook window. It lists all sheets in active workbook. And support common operations for the selected sheet.
In SQL Editor dialog, supply option to encrypt or leave database credentials in clear text
Following object notations are supported in internal query SQL. New worksheet command to output SQL query result to workbook.
Set a column with checkbox, dropdown list or combo list.
The quickest way to open Worksheet Properties dialog is by double clicking gray area to the right of column area.
Show Column Index and data size in Column List View
Excel Connector supports to specify Long name, Units and Comments.
Support copy a data range with column label rows
System variable @IPDC to control the protection mode of imported range
When you are working in Origin and haven't saved the project yet, it's called Untitled.opju. 
Unhide all hidden rows or columns Context menu
Right-click on any sheet and bring up Worksheet Properties (or double click in gray area of active sheet). There is now a User Tree tab, and user can add and view sheet level entries.
View: Show Plot Selection in Workbook menu when graph window is active
Worksheet manipulation: Speed Improvement.
 In 2020, the context menu is hidden. A system variable @SSL is added to control sheet display name


3D XYY Stacked Bar/Wall Plot
Allow edit data label format for group plot
Allow show Median Line when there is no box
Auto Fill color for Error Bar
Axis Tick label: Show zero as 0, no decimal places
Before-After Plot
Color Scale Improvements, such as Color Scale support specified range
Compact Popup for Font and Line Format in Plot Details
Copy Paste Data Plots between Graph Layers

Create marginal abatement cost curve

Customizable Floating Toolbar for graphs
Data Highlight speed improvements for large data
Data Point Tooltip should not open dialog for sankey/alluvial/parallel
Improve graph customization by turn on the dense data mode
Density Dots and Color Dots for Large Data
Do not select point if user click again exceed certain time frame
Easy way to plot selected YX columns
Edit Range by X, Y and Z value in 3D graph
Improved Contour plot drawing speed for large dataset, especially when some level's fill colors are set to be none.  
Faster scatter plot drawing speed and new Color Dots graph
Highlight corresponding data when selecting a single Box Plot
Improve Plot Highlight effect to work better with Customization
Improved tooltip for Contour, and Heatmap graphs
Improvements on Rectangle box for Enlarged graph
Indicate the selected graph in preview of Merge Graphs dialog
Kite Diagram
Left Arrow options when adding custom legend symbol
link axes in child layer to parent with same from to should update scale mutually
List View in Template Library
Mini toolbars for easier 2D graph customization
More Data Label Position Control for Polar 
More options and controls for WindRose Plot
More work on Clip Data to Frame for edge points
Move Multi-Panel/Axis plots to new tab of Plot menu
Offset data points in box chart and alternating the offset in pairs
more Pie Chart types supported 

Make piper diagram using specified ions dataset.

Plot Data Organized as X,XErr,Y,YErr, Z as a 3D Graph with X and Y direction error
Population Pyramid graph
Reduce graph refresh when modify axis properties
Reverse Axis for Polar Radial Axis
Sankey Diagram
Separate rugs for each panel of Trellis Plot
Show Scaling Factor even if Symbol Size isn't indexed to a column
Single click in graph is changed to select a single plot for grouped plots
Skip Points (or speed mode) keeps last point by default

Help to create Soil and Rocks Classification Diagrams with provided templates

Supersubscript button and Align Columns checkbox in Text Object Properties dialog
Support deleting rectangle box in enlarged graph
Support density color mapping
System variable to disable graph rendering

Installation and Licensing

Users with active maintenance service can choose Help: Invite a colleague to try Origin... to offer colleague a fully functional license for 21 days.
Origin startup speed has been improved especially when User Files Folder is on LAN.


Add a Find Apps... menu under Fitting, Peak Analysis, and Statistics menu
Turn off double click tooltip to open Preference dialog
Hotkey improvements in Worksheet
In Load Template dialog, arrow shows on top of column header by default
Increase Row Size Limit for 64 bit
Reduce unnecessary redraw of Object Manager to save time when editing large graph
Support Column to use Combo List or Checkbox control
Support Recently Used Fonts in some dialogs, such as Plot Details
Use different shortcuts for main menu beginning with same initial letter


Add OriginC for note window
Control Polygon or Polyline object through LabTalk
Convert floating-point from other formats to IEEE 754
Faster Date and Time LabTalk functions
LabTalk option to generate gadget output for all curves, all layers, etc.
LT command to reduce file size
NAG Mark 26.1
Origin C and LabTalk Access to Data Connector
Pre-shipped Python 3.7.2
Support copy and paste link for GetN numeric or string input
Support numeric access to label cell
Support Python Input() Method
Support simple LabTalk expression in Add Straight Line and other X-Functions

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Data Handling



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