OriginPro Learning Edition for Students

For a limited time, OriginLab is offering a free OriginPro Learning Edition for students in the US/Canada/UK/Ireland.

The Learning Edition is a fully functional version of OriginPro, with a 12-window limit on Origin Projects.The free license will be valid for 6 months from date of installation.

This is a limited-time offer, available only to undergraduate and graduate students in the US/Canada/UK/Ireland, so sign up today!

Invalid Promotional Offer. The Learning Edition is only available through promotional offers such as social media, tradeshow events, online ads, etc. If your offer has expired or you have arrived on this webpage without using the active link provided by one of these offers, you will receive this error message. If you believe there is a mistake, please contact us at le@originlab.com.

FAQs about the Learning Edition

>Who may qualify for the USA/Canada/UK/Ireland OriginPro Learning Edition?

Students with a valid university email, from the US, Canada, UK or Ireland. Other university staff and post-docs are not eligible. Please visit our Academic Licensing page for more options.

>How is the Learning Edition different from the regular Student Version of OriginPro?

The Student Version allows for more windows in Origin projects, and typically a longer subscription period. The Student version can also be renewed.

>Can I open an Origin project file with more than 12 windows?

Yes you can, only the first 12 will be visible. The remaining windows will have a lock symbol. You can delete some windows so more can become visible.

>Can I convert my installed Learning Edition to a Student Version if I want to use it after 6 month?

Yes, simply activate it again with a Student Version product key.