OriginPro Learning Edition for Students

For a limited time, OriginLab is offering a free OriginPro Learning Edition for students.

The Learning Edition is a fully functional version of OriginPro, with a 12-window limit on Origin Projects.The free license will be valid for 6 months from date of installation.

This is a limited-time offer, available only to undergraduate and graduate students, so sign up today!

FAQs about the Learning Edition

>Who may qualify for the OriginPro Learning Edition?

Students with a valid university email. Other university staff and post-docs are not eligible. Please visit our Academic Licensing page for more options.

>How is the Learning Edition different from the regular Student Version of OriginPro?

The Student Version allows for more windows in Origin projects, and typically a longer subscription period. The Student version can also be renewed.

>Can I open an Origin project file with more than 12 windows?

Yes you can, only the first 12 will be visible. The remaining windows will have a lock symbol. You can delete some windows so more can become visible.

>Can I convert my installed Learning Edition to a Student Version if I want to use it after 6 month?

Yes, simply activate it again with a Student Version product key.