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How to Use Origin

How to Use Origin


Origin is designed to be a complete graphing and analysis solution for researchers covering a broad range of scientific disciplines. Origin provides you with a variety of tools and options for importing, transforming, manipulating, graphing, and analyzing your data, as well as for publishing your results.

When using Origin, a typical user will perform at least one, if not all of the following operations:

  1. Bring data into Origin
  2. Prepare the data for graphing and analysis
  3. Graph the data
  4. Analyze the data
  5. Customize the graph
  6. Export or print the graph for a publication or presentation
  7. Organize the project
  8. Incorporate programming to improve efficiency

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To learn more about a particular step, click on one of the links in the list above. Or, take a look at our Origin Overview.





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