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Service Release 3 for German Origin 7.5

This service release can be applied to both German Origin 7.5 SR2 (build 803b) and German Origin 7.5 SR2.1 (build 824). To verify your version, select Help:About Origin.


  1. Close all other applications, including German Origin 7.5.
  2. Download Service Release 3 from the table below.
  3. Save the patch to your Origin \Updates folder. (If you are patching an Origin server, save the patch to the Origin server’s \Updates folder.)
    Note: Please do NOT rename the file.
  4. Run the patch by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer. Alternatively, select the Start button on your desktop and then the Run menu. Locate the file using the Browse button and click OK.
      For German Origin 7.5 group installations: If you have installed the Origin server | client group model, apply the patch to the Origin server only. After patching the Origin server and restarting the client version of Origin, the client will be notified that an update is available. The update can then be performed automatically.
  5. If you have made modifications to a file that comes with the Origin installation (e.g. *.OGS, built-in *.FDF, *.OTP, *.OTW, *.OTM, or *.CNF files), please read these instructions.
  6. After completing the patching process, run Origin and select Help:Check for Updates... to download the most updated Help Files. Alternatively, return to this web page to download them from the table below.






Service Release 3 (German only!)



24.6 MB

Support Files [?]


5.5 MB

Release Notes


MA only

[?] - What is This?

Although this patch automatically updates the origin75.exe file, its associated *.DLLs, and all non-editable Origin support files, it is designed to spare those files which are modified by you, the user. Modifiable files are referred to as support files. Origin's list of support files icnludes, but is not necessarily limited to: *.OGS, *.OTP, *.OTW, *.OTM, and *.CNF files.

When the patch comes across a file that has been modified, it will notify the installer of the patch (you) through a warning message similar to the following:

warning wpt0036: Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match.

A list of these file messages is automatically generated and saved to a file called PATCH.ERR. This list serves as a quick guide for file replacement. To locate Patch.ERR, launch Windows Explorer and navigate to the same folder in which the Service Release EXE is stored (typically your Origin \Updates folder). To read Patch.ERR, open it with a text editor such as Notepad. To replace any or all support files not updated by the patch, download and extract the desired file(s) to the appropriate Origin folder. If you do not find a file you are looking for, please contact the Technical Support department.

Please note that our sample files, including projects and multimedia demonstrations, are not included in the ZIP file. Only those files that are critical to Origin's operation are included in the file.


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