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Service Release of pCLAMP DLL for Origin 4.1

This service release DLL fixes two problems that exist in the pCLAMP module:

1. The pCLAMP module does not check if there is a change of sampling interval when importing the time data in the first column. (In some pCLAMP files there are changes of the sampling interval between the first half and the second half of the episodes.)

2. The pCLAMP module incorrectly imports the time data (by a factor of the N number of channels) in a pCLAMP file that has more than one channel.

Download pCLAMP Service Release *.DLL  for Origin 4.1:

File Name


Download Location


Massachusetts, USA


California, USA


London, UK

INSTRUCTIONS is a zip file. Download the file from one of our download sites above and unzip the file to obtain the LABABF.DLL and the pCLAMP.OGS files.

Replace the LABABF.DLL and the pCLAMP.OGS files in the Origin directory with these updated files to allow Origin to properly detect a change in sampling intervals.



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