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Refining plots
The user can then easily refine the plots. The author typically clicks the "Format" tab to get the drop-down menu, chooses "axis" and "X" (or "Y") and enters lower values for the number of tic marks. The axes may also be labeled by clicking on "X axis label" (or "Y axis label") and entering new axis label text. Origin has a layout screen which may be used to combine the two color plots on a single page for printing or plots may be saved and combined on any word processor or graphics program that supports color. To use the Origin layout feature, the user clicks the "New Layout" button and imports the two color plots. The user can resize as needed while watching for and correcting any unequal length of the wafermap axes. The histogram provides an excellent tool for correlating with other measurements, which may also be mapped because the colors are consistent between the two graphs.


This program presents a color histogram of the frequency of values and a color plot of the locations of each value. This program has been tested with a dataset of 29,000 values and should display at least 64,000 values. The script has been tested on Origin™ version 4.1, which works within Windows 3.1 and 95, and Origin version 5.0 which works only within Windows 95. It has saved the author large amounts of time in analyzing EL2 defect data and correlating it with measurements of devices made with the finished wafers. As a result, the Air Force has substantially increased its understanding of how EL2 defects should be controlled in wafers used for various devices.


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