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Origin for Neuroscience

With the ability to import pCLAMP and HEKA data files, publication-quality multi-layer graphing, and advanced analysis tools, Origin has been the data analysis and graphing software of choice for neuroscientists for many years.

In the latest version of Origin, we have introduced 64-bit support that will enable users to work with very large datasets. The new version provides an easy way to visually zoom and pan through large datasets using keyboard or mouse. Advanced statistical tools for Principal Component Analysis, and Cluster and Discriminant Analysis have also been added.

Custom Import for pCLAMP and HEKA File Formats

Origin provides custom import dialogs for pCLAMP and HEKA file formats. The import dialogs provide the following functionality:

  • View file protocol information in the dialog

  • Select channels and/or episodes (pCLAMP) or select series (HEKA) to be imported

  • Perform partial importing

  • Turn on Sparklines to quickly view a profile of your datasets in the workbook

  • Import multiple data files into new books, sheets, or columns

Custom templates for pCLAMP data

Origin provides custom workbook and graph templates for working with pCLAMP data. The import dialog places data in a custom workbook. The workbook has a control panel with the following options:

  • Plot stimulus waveform
  • Display tags in the graph
  • Include a “pick value” line
  • Select signals or sweeps to be plotted
  • Concatenated, Continuous, or Sweeps display modes

The data is plotted using a custom graph template. A control panel provides options for customizing the display. An option is also provided for re-importing the data file.

Easy-to-use Analysis Tools

Origin provides a wide selection of tools suitable for neuroscience data analysis:

  • Signal Processing (including Smoothing, Digital Filtering, FFT, Short-Time FFT*, Correlation*, and Coherence*)

  • Curve Fitting (including Global Fitting with Parameter Sharing, and Model Comparison*)

  • Peak Analysis (including Peak Finding, Peak Integration, and Peak Fitting*)
  • Statistics (including Descriptive Statistics, Frequency Counts, Parametric and Non-Parametric Hypothesis Tests*, ANOVA, and Principal Component Analysis*)

  • Many of the data analysis tools are available in the form of Gadgets, which allow the user to interact with the graph and restrict the analysis to a desired region of interest

Advanced analysis tools provide extensive customization options, including the ability to save desired settings as dialog themes for repeat use.

Publication-quality Graphs

Origin’s extensive graph customization capabilities allow you to:

  • Easily create graphs with multiple panels to present raw data and analysis results

  • Customize all elements of the graph, and add annotations including scale object to represent x and y scale for raw data

  • Save custom settings as templates or themes for repeat use

  • Export graphs for journal publication, in vector formats (including EPS and PDF) or high resolution raster formats (including TIFF, PNG, and JPEG)

  • Send graphs to Microsoft ® PowerPoint ®, embed in Microsoft ® Word ®, or use the slide-show capability provided within Origin for presentations
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