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Analyzing Illuminance Data in LED Lighting Technology

Dr. M. Nisa Khan, President and Managing Member, IEM LED Lighting Technologies

Dr. Nisa Khan has been performing pioneering optical research for over 25 years which includes her previous work at Honeywell Solid State Research Center and at AT&T Bell Laboratories (now Alcatel Lucent). In 2006, Dr. Khan founded IEM LED Lighting Technologies, an independent research and engineering company that provides LED feasibility studies for the entertainment and signage industries, and provides design and development solutions for general lighting applications.

When Dr. Khan decided to write a book on LED lighting, she needed a data analysis software to produce graphs to visually explain illumination quality of LED vs. conventional lamps. Origin 9.0 provided the solution.

Dr. Khan says: "Having used Origin 20 years ago at AT&T Bell Labs, I knew today’s Origin would allow me to graph and analyze data very effectively. Thus I chose Origin to compare the pioneering data I obtained for LED and conventional lamps and these are presented in my new book, Understanding LED Illumination. Such data explain the illumination quality of LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps and thus offer useful technical information for lamp users. The graphics and analysis tools from Origin are technically comprehensive, beautiful, and easy to use."


IEM LED Lighting Technologies


Compare illumination quality of LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps for book on the science of LED lighting technology.


Generate 3D surface plots with illuminance color mapping. OpenGL based graphs provides ultrafast performance and easy rotation to optimize presentation.

Key Features
  • 3D color map surface graph
  • Publication-quality graphs
  • Graph export


Dr. Khan selected Origin’s 3D color-mapped surface graph for presenting the illuminance data.

Origin 9.0 uses OpenGL, providing fast plotting, editing and exploration. Additional benefits include plotting surfaces directly from XYZ data, and adding lighting effects to the graph.


Understanding LED Illumination by M. Nisa Khan was released in August 2013. The publisher, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, provides this summary:

"Taylor & Francis Publishers is pleased to announce forthcoming publication of a groundbreaking, introductory book that provides an in-depth introduction to fundamentals and practical aspects of LED lamp design. It teaches the reader the principles of large-space and 3D object illumination for developing competitive LED lamps. The author, Dr. M. Nisa Khan, presents design and simulation requirements for LED lamps with real examples that demonstrate how to make more energy efficient and higher quality lamps. Readers will become familiar with lamp output metrics and characterization methods, which are then applied to prototype and retail lamps for comparison. Light generation, efficiency, theoretical limits, efficiency limiting factors, and LED lamp design elements ("color" quality, color rendering, color temperature, color and intensity variation and mixing) are among the topics covered in this much needed, timely new resource."

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