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The following sections highlight some of the new features for Origin 2016.

Origin 2016 is compatible with Windows® 10.

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Ease of Use

  • Object Manager to easily turn on/off plots and layers in the active graph window
  • New, Powerful Color Chooser
  • Select or hide columns in a worksheet by Column Label

Apps in Origin

  • Apps Gallery for extra tools, such as Maps Online, ODE Solver, etc.
  • Get Apps from the File Exchange


  • Smart Plotting with Cloneable Graph Templates
  • Skip weekends and holidays in financial plots
  • Easier to customize Annotation Tool labels
  • Multi-line spacing for text and legend
  • Auto-naming (Long and Short) of graph window when Batch Plotting and when creating windows from custom templates

Analysis & Batch Processing

  • Easier to customize Report Tables in graphs
  • New Statistics such as 3-way ANOVA, Partial Correlation, etc.
  • Word Template for Report Creation in Batch Processing
  • Script Before each Process in Batch Processing
  • Batch Processing with multiple file import to sequential sheets

Import & Export

  • Send Graphs to PowerPoint with a consistent style
  • More 3rd party file support and Script After Import for more file types


  • R Console and support for Rserve to exchange data between Origin and R
  • Improvements to LabTalk Script execution speed
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