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Perform global fit and share parameters for different functions.

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  • Purpose
    This app is capable of performing global fit with multiple functions, and parameters can be shared across different functions.
  • Installation
    Download the file "Global Fit with Multiple Functions.opx", and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps gallery window.
  • Operation
    Click a worksheet with at least two XY datas, or a graph layer with at least two XY data plots, to make it active, and then click the app icon to bring up the dialog. Then you can select fitting function for each dataset, and share parameters, etc. among different functions, and do the fitting to get the results.

Dialog Settings:

  • Input Data: Show the input data range.
    • Category: Select fitting function category.
    • Function #: Select fitting function for the # data.
  • Parameters: Table to show the fitting parameters, and also allow to change the parameters.
    • No: Index to identify each dataset.
    • Function: Function name for each dataset.
    • Param: Function parameter names.
    • Meaning: Meaning of function parameter names.
    • Share: If to share parameters between different functions. The two parameters with the same share values (not 0) will be shared.
    • Fixed: Check to fix the corresponding parameter.
    • Value: Show the current parameter values. You can also change them for initializing the parameters before fitting.
    • Error: Standard error of the parameter value.
    • Lower Bound, Upper Bound: Set lower bound and upper bound.
  • Message: Show fitting messages.
  • Configure Report: Please refer to this page for more details of the correspond settings.
  • Reinit: Reinitialize the parameters.
  • 1 Iter.: Perform fitting by 1 iteration.
  • Fit: Do fitting until converged, or the maximum iterations number (400) is reached.
  • OK: Output the fitting result and close dialog.
  • Cancel: Close dialog without doing anything.


v1.3, increase number of share parameters to 20
v1.2, fixed bug of not working issue in 2022
v1.1, fixed bug for sampling interval

Reviews and Comments:
08/02/2022OriginLabHi Dugway,

Please update this App to latest version, v1.3. Share parameters have been increased to 20.


I just installed the app but when I click on it, nothing happens. The same is true for the other app "SpeedyFit". What could be the problem? Origin version 9.7

Thanks in advance!

08/01/2022OriginLabHi Dugway,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider improve it in the future version (APPS-643).

07/29/2022DGWThere are at most 9 share parameters to utilize, how can I use more share parameters since the under fitted parameters are exceed 9?

Thank you!

Best regards


12/22/2021OriginLabHi Mégane,
Have you ever tried this app to fit your data as you required?
If you meet any problem, you can report it with your project file to let us check the details.


Is it possible to do a global fitting with a multiple peak fitting function (gaussian) ?
I would like to fit my two Kernel Smooth functions with multiple gaussians, and share parameters (xc1, xc2, etc) between the two functions.
Is it possible ?

Thank you in advance !

Best regards,

Mégane Poncin