8.2 PyOrigin Global Functions

It is recommended that you switch to the originpro package. PyOrigin is primarily for users who need to work with Origin version prior to 2021.

Name Brief Example
ActiveFolder Gets the active Folder in the project Examples
ActiveLayer Get the active Layer object in the project Examples
ActiveNotePage Get the active Notes in the project Examples
ActivePage Get the active Page in the project Examples
AddTree Adds a Tree Object to a serializable Internal Tree Manager Examples
CreatePage Create new page (workbook, graph, matrix book, Notes .etc) in the project Examples
Date2datetime Convert a double in Julian date format to a system time struct Examples
datetime2Date Convert a SYSTEMTIME structure to a Julian date value. Examples
DestroyPage Destory the specified page Examples
EmptyTree Create an empty tree in Origin Examples
FindGraphLayer Get the GraphLayer by name Examples
FindMatrixSheet Get the MatrixSheet by name Examples
FindWorksheet Get the Worksheet by name Examples
GetName Get the Origin project name Examples
GetPage Get the page by name Examples
GetPath Get the path of the Origin file Examples
GetProjectInfo Get the object ProjectInfo Examples
GetRootFolder Get the root folder of the project Examples
GetTree Get the Tree if available Examples
GraphPages Get the GraphPage Examples
IsModified Get the GraphLayer by name Examples
LayoutPages Get the LayoutPages by name Examples
LT_execute Execute the Labtalk script Examples
LT_set_str Set LabTalk string variable Examples
LT_set_var Set LabTalk variable Examples
LT_get_var Get LabTalk variable Examples
LT_get_str Get LabTalk string variable Examples
Load Load the file into Origin by read only or read/write Examples
MatrixPages Get the MatrixPages Examples
MISSINGVALUE Get a missing value Examples
NewDataRange Create a DataRange object Examples
OriginVer Get Origin version Examples
Pages Get the Pages Examples
Reset Reset the contents in Workbook or Matrix book Examples
Run Allow Origin to finish current operations. This is useful after calling a method that triggers lengthy auto-update calculations Examples
Save Save the current Origin session to an Origin project (OPJ) file. Examples
XF Execute X function Examples
SetModified SetModified property sets or clears modified flag for currently open Origin project without saving it. Examples
SetAsChildren Set the treenode as Children
WorksheetPages Get the WorksheetPages Examples