Output to Results Log


Version Info

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 8 SR5


This example will use the curve_stats function to perform statistics, and then the results will be put to the Results Log.

Before running the Origin C code, please run the following LabTalk script first to generate the required data.

newbook;  // create a name workbook
fname$ = system.path.program$ + "Samples\Statistics\Descriptive Statistics on columns.txt";
impASC;  // import the file to the workbook
void output_results_log()
        Worksheet wks = Project.ActiveLayer();  // get the active worksheet
        DataRange dr;  // data range of column A and D
        dr.Add("X", wks, 0, 0, -1, 0);
        dr.Add("Y", wks, 0, 3, -1, 3);
        Tree trResult;
        if(!curve_stats(dr, trResult))  // perform statistics on column D, results to trResult
        Tree trRoot;  // root
        // create the tree node of the stats results
        TreeNode trStats = trRoot.AddNode("Results");  // the tree node of result
        TreeNode trN = trStats.AddNode("N");  // n total
        trN.dVal = trResult.N.dVal;
        TreeNode trSum = trStats.AddNode("Sum");  // sum
        trSum.dVal = trResult.sum.dVal;
        TreeNode trMin = trStats.AddNode("Minimum");  // min
        trMin.dVal = trResult.min.dVal;
        TreeNode trMax = trStats.AddNode("Maximum");  // max
        trMax.dVal = trResult.max.dVal;
        TreeNode trMean = trStats.AddNode("Mean");  // mean
        trMean.dVal = trResult.mean.dVal;
        TreeNode trMedian = trStats.AddNode("Median");  // median
        trMedian.dVal = trResult.median.dVal;
        TreeNode trSD = trStats.AddNode("SD");  // sd
        trSD.dVal = trResult.sd.dVal;
        string strResult;  // string of the tree node
        vector<int> vnTableDisplayFormat = {DISPLAY_CENTER, DISPLAY_RIGHT, DISPLAY_RIGHT};  // diaplay format
        if(0 < tree_to_str(trStats, strResult, vnTableDisplayFormat))  // convert tree node to string
                if(!Project.OutStringToResultsLog(strResult))  // output the string of the results to Results Log
                        out_str("Failed to output the results to Results Log!\n");