The wbk.DC object has properties and methods related to the Data Connector attached to the active Workbook.


Property Access Description
wbk.DC.OCFiles$ Read Only Returns the relative path of the connector cpp file to the Apps root folder. To construct the full OC file path, use


wbk.DC.type$ Read Only Returns the connector type, CSV_Connector or JSON_Connector.


Method Description
wbk.DC.remove(nn) Remove data connector.

nn = 0: Default value when nn is not specified. Remove data connector object from the current workbook, and remove edit protection from all destination sheets in this workbook.
nn = 1: Disconnect data source from the current worksheet and remove its edit protection.
nn = 2: Remove only eidt protection from the current worksheet, but connection will be kept.

wbk.DC.import(nn) Reimport the current data source into active worksheet.

nn = 1: Reimport by opening the Selection dialog first
nn = 0: Default value when nn is not specified. Reimport directly.


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