LabTalk Object Type:


The breaks object is a sub-object of the (layer) layer.axis object.

You can use range notation to define a layer object:

[winName!]layer[n] =

WinName! Is optional. If winName! Is not specified, the active graph window will be used.

N is the layer number. If n is not specified, the active layer is used.

Axis is the axis specification: X is the X axis (Top and Bottom), Y is the Y axis (Left and Right) and Z is the Z axis (Front and Back).

Note: This property is NOT supported in 3D Ternary graph.

Refer to the sub-object: layer.axis.break object


Property Access Description
layer.axis.breaks.enable Read/write,

Axis break status: 1 = enable, 0 = disable.

layer.axis.breaks.count Read/write,

Set the number of axis breaks. Must be a non-negative integer up to, and including, 7. Read/write,

Define the break region length of the axis break.

gap > 30, break region length = gap / 10,000 * axis length;

1 <= gap <= 30, break region length = gap / 10 * major tick length;

gap = 0, break region length = 0;

gap < 0, break region length = - gap / 10 point size;

gap = 0/0 (missing value), break region length is defined by the value of system variable @AB.

layer.axis.breaks.size Read/write,

The half-length of axis breaks.


The following sample script enables 3 axis breaks in the X axis of the current active layer:

//Enable axis breaks
layer.x.breaks.enable = 1;
//Define 3 axis breaks
layer.x.breaks.count = 3;
//Show no gap for breaks = 0;
//Show no symbol for axis breaks
layer.x.breaks.size = 0;