The IsEmpty() function is similar to MS Excel's ISBLANK function, and is used to determine whether a worksheet cell is empty or not. Note that cells containing missing values, denoted by "--", are not considered empty.


int IsEmpty(string str)

NOTE: For the purposes of this function, str is a worksheet cell address (e.g col(A)[1]). The function does not check for matching strings but checks only to see if the cell is empty or not.



is a worksheet cell address or a vector (e.g. col(A)).


If the cell contains a string, numeric or missing value ("--"), the function returns 0.

If the cell is empty, the function returns 1.


isempty(col(A)[2])=; // return 0 if cell row 2, col 1 contains a value, or 1 if empty
isempty(B); // return 0 or 1 for each cell in column B (Spreadsheet Cell Notation syntax for Set Values dialog box only)

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