1.30 Zoomed Inset Plus


The Zoomed Inset Plus app is used to add a rectangle to 2D Cartesian graph with Cartesian coordinate system (line, scatter, and line+symbol plot), so for zooming in the part of plot covered by this rectangle, which is put into an inset layer.


  1. Start this tutorial with the app Zoomed Inset Plus installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. New a workbook and select Data: Connect to File : Text/CSV menu to import the smple data file <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Spectroscopy\IR SPectra II.dat.
  3. Highlight col(B) to plot a line graph. With the graph window activated, click the app icon to draw a rectangle on the plot.
    Zoomed Inset Plus 01.png
  4. An inset layer is added, which shows the part of graph covered by the drawn rectangle.
    Zoomed Inset Plus 02.png
  5. You can drag-and-drop and resize the rectangle you just drawn to cover the part of plot you are interested in, then this part whin the rectangle will be shown in the inset layer. You are also allowed to move or resize the inset layer.
    Zoomed Inset Plus 03.png
  6. Double-click on the rectangle object to open the Preferences dilaog. In this dialog, you can customize the rectangle, inset layer, connect lines betwen the rectangle and inset layer.
    Zoomed Inset Plus 04.png
  7. For example, I change the dsiplay of connect line and inset layer as below.
    Zoomed Inset Plus 05.png