1.37 Ternary Contour Profile


The Ternary Contour Profile app can be used to calculate the profiling data for ternary contour plot, including lines paralleling to X/Y/Z axis, and arbitrary lines.


  1. Start this tutorial with the app Ternary Contour Profile installed. If you have not installed this app, please click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center to search and install the app.
  2. New a workbook, and then select Data: Connect to File: Text/CSV to import the sample file <Origin Program Folder>\Samples\Graphing\Ternary Contour.dat. There are foru columns have been imported. Set the last two columns as Z.
    Ternary Contour Profile 01.png
  3. Highlight all columns to select Plot > Contour : Ternary Contour to plot a ternary contour graph.
    Ternary Contour Profile 02.png
  4. Now, we are going to get the profile data from this ternary contour. CLick the app icon to open the dialog.
    Ternary Contour Profile 03.png
  5. In this dialog, you can add profile lines paralleling to X/Y/Z axis and arbitrary profile lines. Now, let's add a profile line at Y=0.25 and another arbitrary profile lines between the end point (X1=0.25, Y1=0) and the end point(X2=0.75,Y2=0.25).
  6. Check Parallel to X radio box and then click on the button Button Add Profile Line.png to add a profile file. By default, the profile line will be placed at Y=0.5. Enter the value 0.25 at the box Y= to move the profile line. Of course, you can drag-and-drop the profile line to a position on Y axis.
    Ternary Contour Profile 04.png
    In the Preview panel, the ternary contour graph shows with the added profile line, and the plot for the profiling data will show beside the contour. And, you ae allowed to add multiple profile lines on same direction, all these profile lines will be listed under the Contour Profile drop-down list. The button Rename, Dup and Del can be used to rename, duplicte and delete the current profile line.
    Ternary Contour Profile 05.png
  7. Switch to Arbitrary radio box, click on the button Button Add Profile Line.png to add an arbitrary profile file. Enter the values for X1Y1X2Y2 to re-place the profile line.
    Ternary Contour Profile 06.png
  8. As you can see, a blue arbitary profile line has been added, and three blue plots for the profiling data at X/Y/Z direction show separately beside the contour in preview panel. Note: For a arbitary profile lines, you are allowed to drog-and-drop the two end points to move and adjust the profile line arbitrarily.