3.1 Tafel Extrapolation


Tafel Extrapolation app is capable of calculating corrosion potential and corrosion current from a corrosion process curve which shows anodic and cathodic components of current.


  1. Activate an empty worksheet, then run the following script in the Script Window to import the data for this example.
    fname$ = "%@ATafel Extrapolation\TafelData.dat";
  2. Select Y column, and then select Plot: Basic 2D: Scatter menu to make a Scatter plot.
  3. Tafel Extrapolation 1.png
  4. Make this newly created graph as the active window, then select the Tafel Extrapolation app icon Tafel Extrapolation icon.png from the Apps panel to bring up the dialog.
  5. Keep the default settings for ROI Box tab, and check Append to Worksheet checkbox in Output tab.
    Tafel Extrapolation 2.png
  6. Click OK button and go back to the graph.
  7. Drag the red and cyan cursor at the bottom/ top of X Axis to move the two vertical lines to the positions as the following image shows. And you can see the corresponding results are updated on the graph.
    Tafel Extrapolation 3.png
  8. Click the ROI menu.png button, and then select New Output (O), then the result will be printed to Script Window.
    Tafel Extrapolation 4.png
  9. Click the ROI menu.png button, and then select Go to Report Worksheet, then the report worksheet will be the active window to show the output results.
    Tafel Extrapolation 5.png