4.5 Graph Publisher


The Graph Publisher app is to help you export a graph simply or prepare graphs for publication to meet exact journal requirements. You can check or edit the graph elements, including font size, line thickness and etc., to see if all of them meet the journal requirements before exporting the graph.


  1. Select Help: Learning Center in the menu. Then under Graph Samples tab, select Column and Bar Charts group and click to choose the Column and Bar Charts - Significant Difference graph.
    Graph Publisher 01.png
  2. Use this graph as sample. You can check the graph properties and format of the elements.
    • Double-clicking to open the Plot Details dialog, you can check the graph dimensions: 12*8 (inch)
    • Clicking to select the text objects, you can check the font size of the text.
    Graph Publisher 02.png
  3. When graph is active, click on the click on Graph Publisher icon Graph Publisher icon.png from the Apps panel. The Graph Publisher dialog is open, and a duplicate graph is created for the active graph. When you Apply the new setting in the dialog, the setting will apply on this duplicate graph.
    Graph Publisher 03.png
  4. In the first page of the dialog, you can select a journal from the drop-down, then this App will check the graph element based on the checking rule of this journal later. In the example, we select Science, then the page size will be modified for this journal. Click Apply button.
    Graph Publisher 04.png
  5. After click Apply button, the page size of the duplicate graph will is changed. You can check the dimensions in the Plot Details dialog.
    Graph Publisher 05.png
  6. Click the Next page button.png button, go to Next page. In this page, you can modify the font size of the text in the graph. Here, check Tick Labels and Other Text Objects check box, and click Apply button. Then these font size will be changed to 8 on the duplicate graph.
    Graph Publisher 06.png
  7. Click the Next page button.png button, go to Next page. You can modify thickness of lines in the graph. Check Plot (line & border) and Graph Object (line & border) check box, and click Apply button. Then these thickness of lines will be updated to 0.5on the duplicate graph.
    Graph Publisher 07.png
  8. Click the Next page button.png button twice. In this page, you can control the export setting for the graph. Select PDF as export image type and update file name to Science Mag, then click Export button.
    Graph Publisher 08.png
  9. The graph is exported as PDF file. Click the export file link in the Message Log, you can open the export file.
    Graph Publisher 09.png
  10. Click Keep Copy button to apply the settings on the copy graph and also keep the original graph.