2.2 Data Manipulation

This chapter covers the following topics, and you can refer more X-Functions in these section pages:

In addition, Origin provides a collection of Data Manipulation X-Functions.

Name Brief Example
addsheet Add woksheet(s)/matrix(es) to specified worksheet/Matrix book.
assays Set up data format and fitting function for Assays Template。 Example
copydata Copy numeric data. Example
cxt Shift the x values of the active curve with different mode. Example
findreplace Find and replace cell values in a worksheet or matrix.
levelcrossing Get x coordinate crossing the given level. Example
m2v Convert a matrix to a vector. Example
map2c Combine an amplitude matrix and a phase matrix to a complex matrix.
mc2ap Convert complex numbers in a matrix to amplitudes and phases.
mc2ri Convert complex numbers in a matrix into their real parts and imaginary parts.
mcopy Copy a matrix.
mks Get data markers in data plot Example
mo2s Convert a matrix layer with multiple matrix objects to a matrix page with multiple matrix layers.
mri2c Combine real numbers in two matrices into a complex matrix.
ms2o Merge (move) multiple matrix sheets into one single matrix sheet with multiple matrixobjects.
newbook Create a new workbook or matrix book. Example
newsheet Create new worksheet. Example
rank Decide whether data points are within specified ranges.
reduce_ex Average data points to reduce data size and make even spaced X. Example
reducedup Reduce data to consolidate XY pairs with same X values. Example
reducerows Reduce every N points of data with basic statistics. Example
reducexy Reduce XY data by sub-group statistics according to X's distribution. Example
subtract_line Subtract the active plot from a straight line formed with two points picked on the graph page. Example
subtract_ref Subtract on one dataset with another. Example
trimright Remove missing values from the right end of Y columns.
v2m Convert a vector to matrix.
vap2c Combine amplitude vector and phase vector to form a complex vector.
vc2ap Convert a complex vector into a vector for the amplitudes and a vector for the phases.
vc2ri Convert complex numbers in a vector into their real parts and imaginary parts.
vfind Find all vector elements whose values are equal to a specified value. Example
vri2c Construct a complex vector from the real parts and imaginary parts of the complex numbers.
vshift Shift a vector. Example
xy_resample Mesh within a given polygon to resample data. Example
xyz_resample Resample XYZ data by meshing and gridding. Example