6.9.1 Add Google Map to Origin Graph

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This tutorial will show you how to create a graph with google map as background.


What will you learn

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • download Google Map Import app from App Center.
  • Use the App to add google map to an graph.


  1. Create a new workbook. Select From menu Data: Connect to File: Text/CSV. Select the data file <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Graphing\US Mean Temperature.dat to connect to. With default settings in pop-up dialog, click OK.
  2. Select column B header and click X on the mini toolbar that pops up. This set column B as X.
  3. Highlight column C header and select menu Plot:Basic 2D:Scatter to make a scatter plot.
  4. Click Add Apps icon in Apps window that docks on the right side of Origin workspace and search google map. Click the download icon to download it.
  5. With the scatter graph window active, launch the Google Map Import app. Click the Set From Active Graph Layer button first to relocate the frame to United States area in the preview window. Change Map Type to Satellite. Then click Import as Update button. Now The google map is added to the active graph as background. Close the App.
  6. Click on any symbol to bring up mini tool bar. Set the symbol Size to 6, set symbol Type to solid circle. Change Symbol Color to By Point colormaping to Col(P)"Annual". Use mini toolbar to change palette to Temperature.
  7. Click the Symbol, select Set Levels in mini toolbar. In the pop-up dialog, change # Minor Levels to 10.
  8. To make circle smooth on graph, click Enable/Disable Anti-aliasing button Anti aliasing.jpg on Graph toolbar on the right side of Origin workspace.
  9. Delete the Legend. Click Add Color Scale button on the left side toolbar to add a color scale.
  10. Right click on the color scale and select Properties. Select Levels in the left panel, check Hide Head Level and Hide Tail Level in the right panel. Select Labels in the left, uncheck Auto box in the right , change Custom Format to *3 to show only 3 significant digits on color scale. Click OK.